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Exclusive Second Love Married to Tsundere President

Exclusive Second Love Married to Tsundere President (Novel)
Other Name: 独家挚爱二嫁傲娇总裁, Exclusive Second Love to Marry Tsundere President

Genre: novel. romance
Author: N/A
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonists in the text are Gan Jing and Bai Xiangchen. The novel mainly tells: since marriage for more than a year, Gan Jing has always thought that she was married to love. Until now, she understood that her persistence over the past year was a joke at all. So Gan Jing went to the bar to get drunk and met Bai Xiangchen, an expensive man. Since then, she and him have met again and again, and gradually the Gan Jing heart began to indulge in the sea named Bai Xiangchen, unable to save herself…

Free Reading Highlights:
After hanging up the phone, Zhuo Yiman looked at her husband beside him, and there was a faint mist of water in those eyes that were exactly the same as those of Gan Jing.

“You said, why do we suffer such bitterness quietly? Gan Shuchuan, I tell you, this time you must seek justice for your daughter, otherwise, you don’t want to enter my room for a month!

With that, Zhuo Yiman stood up from the sofa angrily, and before he had walked two steps, his hand was caught.

“Look at you, how old you are, and you are so childish! Did I leave it alone? But you also saw it. Mom meant that you want to calm down for a while. You know what mom meant, just now You also lied to Jingjing, are you deliberately trying to block her?”

“What’s wrong with me lying to her? I want to tell her, no matter what, she still has us! This stupid child has such a temperament. No matter what happens, he will bear it alone. This time, the matter is so big. She didn’t even mention it once. I told her not to be so impulsive at the time. She didn’t listen. You see, what is it like now! A good girl’s family, she will divorce less than a year after marriage. Going out, will her reputation still be there? A divorced woman, who will marry? Her life has been ruined like this, don’t you know? If she had known this way, she should have listened to my persuasion in the first place. This is the end!”

Gan Shuchuan sighed, hugged his wife in his arms, and said softly: “Look at you like this. If you have anything to do, you will know if you are like this. How can Jingjing dare to say something like you?”

“Is it still mine now?” Pushing him away, Zhuo Yiman flushed with anger.

If someone was around at this time, they would definitely think it was a child arguing. It was totally unexpected that two people who were already a hundred years old together were still so childish.

“I didn’t say you were wrong, but Manman, since this matter is already like this, let’s leave it to Jingjing, okay? Jingjing kept it secret, besides not wanting us to worry, she should also have ideas. She is an adult now, we try to let go and let her deal with it, eh?”

Zhuo Yiman was so angry that he almost couldn’t get up.

His daughter has become like this, and he is still thinking about tempering.

“If Jingjing suffers any harm from this, I will never end with you!”

Upstairs angrily, Zhuo Yiman left Gan Shuchuan a farewell figure.

They have been married for more than 20 years, and this is how they get along.

In the circle, they are models of happy couples.

Gan Jing also sees the harmony of her parents, so she is so simple, thinking that the relationship between men and women is that I love you and you love me.

As everyone knows, this society is far more complicated than she thought.

Looking at the back of his wife’s departure, Gan Shuchuan sighed helplessly.

Looking back at the phone that had been ringing several times on the table, his eyes flashed slightly.

Ou Mu’s answer was like salt on the wound to Xu Wenxi, and her internal organs were so painful.

The hand under the table tightened, and she forced herself to maintain a good manner.

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