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Don’t Leave After School

Don’t Leave School After School (Novel)
Other Name: 放学你别走

Genre: novel
Author: Yu Shanshan
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The novel focuses on the emotional development between the protagonists Sui Xin, Zhong Ming, and Fang Ding. The content of Sui Xin reported to study in Vancouver for a man. However, what she didn’t expect was that she lost her way on the second day after arriving in Vancouver. What’s more tragic is the wallet, mobile phone and school family. The information, address and other information are all in the old clothes worn the day before. The embarrassed Sui Xin spent a day strolling in the street where no one knew anyone. Fortunately, she finally met a Chinese boss, borrowed the phone to call Fang Ding, and was picked up by the man.

Free Reading Highlights:
“You have pinned your hopes on men for the rest of your life. Your husband robbed others, and your son followed you for more than 20 years before recognizing it, and it was more than ten years after Zhong Yuanshan and I divorced. You never thought about it, Wan Yizhong Yuanshan didn’t want you in the end, how can you explain to Zhong Ming, how can you explain to yourself”

Qin Minli replied: “But in the end I won, and now I am Mrs. Zhong.”

“Heh, that’s because Zhong Yuanshan is old, and he needs a hardworking woman to take care of him. The little girl outside won’t be as caring as you.”

This is a fact.

The war between two women and a man has nothing to do with love.

Qin Minli did not speak.

Yuan Ping said again: “Don’t forget, I took the initiative to leave him. I don’t like you expect a man. I also used facts to prove that women can have their own careers, and I did it.”

Qin Minli squeezed her palms tightly and took a breath: “Yes. If you didn’t give up on your own initiative, I wouldn’t have a chance.”

With Yuan Ping’s business skills, Zhong Yuanshan would never be separated from her if it were not for her to stand on her own.

Qin Minli clearly knew that at this point, she would never be better than Yuan Ping, and she could only educate a son who surpassed Zhong Zheng.

Qin Minli continued: “You succeeded at the cost of giving up your family. You left your husband and son, and you did not remarry. You will be old and sick in the future. What should you do if you have money again, surrounded by the bed? They are also strangers. Those people who take your money to look at your face and do things, they will expect you to go there soon.”

Yuan Ping stood up all of a sudden. She and Zhong Yuanshan in the study had been arguing all their lives, as was the woman opposite. Three sentences could ignite the flames of war. Talking to the people in this room was a waste of time.

Moreover, the fact that pokes her the most is right in front of her.

Qin Minli taught a son who is better than Zhong Zheng, who is capable but not.

If Zhong Zheng stands on his own, the result will be nine deaths.

But Zhong Ming could do it and made good use of her financial support.

Now even if he divested, Zhong Ming has gained a firm foothold and is no longer needed.

Even if Zhong Zheng broke her promise to her and inherited the Zhong family, she would have nothing to do.

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