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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 20 Recap

Inspired by Ye Baiyi, Longque finally understood a truth. The reason why parents didn’t give anything to their children was because they couldn’t give it. Longque also hoped that Long Xiao would understand his painstaking efforts. Longque asked Zhou Zishu to go to the library on the right of the bamboo building to take away two maps, one for Longyuan Valley and the other for the mechanism map of the arsenal. This map was handed over to Ye Baiyi, and Longque took the mechanism of Longyuan Pavilion. Shushu was compiled into two books, and they were also given to Zhou Zishu together. Please Zhou Zishu to help find a successor.

Zhou Zishu recommended Zhang Chengling to be his apprentice. Naturally, Longque couldn’t ask for it. Zhang Chengling worshipped him as a teacher on the spot. Longque had his wish and asked Zhou Zishu to cut off the iron chain embedded in his body. Wen Kexing persuaded him to think twice because of the iron chain. The inlay time is too long.

Once cut off, the dragonfinch’s blood will flee, and life will be in danger at any time. The dragonfinch does not want to take the iron chain to meet those good brothers underground, worrying about being laughed at by them, Wen Kexing forcibly cuts it off in grief The iron chain on the dragonfinch’s body suddenly hurt his vitality, and soon he was dying.

Zhou Zishu hugged Wen Kexing tightly and persuaded him to explain his true identity to Longque. Wen Kexing did not have the courage to admit that he was Zhen Ruyu’s child, Zhen Yan. Zhou Zishu revealed to Longque what happened back then. Qin Huaizhang helped Zhen Ruyu’s family to change their appearance. They also accepted their child Zhen Yan as an apprentice.

Zhen Yan has grown up now and has practiced a good martial arts. Longque was very pleased and passed away with a smile. Wen Kexing was heartbroken and distraught. He knelt down beside Longque and cried, thanking him for clarifying the truth. Zhou Zishu hurriedly pulled Zhang Chengling away when he saw it.

Gu Xiang stayed with Cao Weining every step of the way, taking care of him in every possible way. Cao Weining heard that the master had taken the disciples back ahead of time, and suspected that he had taken away the Liulijia. Worried that the Qingfeng Sword Sect might be in trouble, Cao Weining struggled and wanted to go back and ask for more information. Gu Xiang resolutely disagreed. Cao Weining wanted to take her along. Gu Xiang was about to investigate the whereabouts of Liulijia and fully agreed to his request.

Yu Qiufeng learns that Zhao Jing’s chaos and end to Luo Fu’s dream has caused Luo Fu’s dream to become a murderous female devil. He wants to use this to ruin Zhao Jing. Liu Qianqiao disagrees, even if Zhao Jing is ousted Yu Qiufeng also couldn’t be the leader of the Five Lakes League. Yu Qiufeng wanted to use Luo Fu dream to coerce Zhao Jing to tell the whereabouts of Liu Li Jia, and used the Yin and Yang album in the arsenal to reincarnate Liu Qianqiao. Liu Qianqiao was immediately tempted.

As soon as Zhao Jing took office, he used the major groups of the Five Lakes League to expand his sphere of influence. He was triumphant, but Gao Xiaolian and Zhang Chengling always kept him in his throat. Under the banner of benevolence, justice and morality, Zhao Jing asked the major groups to search for Gao Xiaolian and Zhang Chengling. whereabouts. Zhao Jing wanted to restart the Heroes Conference to establish his prestige in the arena. He sent the King Scorpion to get rid of Bai Qifeng and Long Xiao, the heads of the Xianxia School, because they both knew too much about the truth of the year.

Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu pressed Long Xiao bitterly, forcing him to tell the master who framed Gao Chong, threatening to kick him off the cliff, Long Xiao swearing not to answer, he jumped into the cave and rang the bell to summon the medicine man , The medicine man surrounded him round and round, sucking his blood. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing witnessed the tragic death of Long Xiao in this way. They had to take Zhang Chengling to the library to find two maps. Ye Baiyi rushed over, and he came to Yu Chai’s grave to worship, while King Scorpion’s men hid and watched. At this scene, hurried back to report.

Gu Xianglai and Liu Qianqiao bid farewell and persuaded her to leave the Huashan School with Luofu Meng as soon as possible. Gu Xiang felt that Yu Qiufeng was unreliable, and Liu Qianqiao looked for various reasons to shirk their excuses. Zhou Zishu wanted to bring Wen Kexing and Zhang Chengling back to the Four Seasons Villa to recognize his teacher. Wen Kexing was very resistant. He couldn’t help but think of the past. Zhen Ruyu was cut off the meridians of his limbs by the genius doctor Valley Master.

His son Zhen Yan fled, and a family of three was hunted down by people from the rivers and lakes. Thanks to Qin Huaizhang’s timely rescue, Qin Huaizhang’s apprentices Zhou Zishu and Zhen Yan quickly became good friends. Qin Huaizhang also changed the face of Zhen Ruyu’s family of three. Zhen Ruyu asked Qin Huaizhang to accept Zhen Yan as Apprentice, take him back to Four Seasons Villa.

Zhou Zishu wanted to take Wen Kexing back to revitalize the Four Seasons Villa. The two of them worked hard to train Zhang Chengling. Wen Kexing strongly opposed, he had no face to admit that he returned to Shimen. Zhou Zishu concluded that he had encountered ulterior things for so many years. He ran to the lake in one breath, standing there sadly.

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