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Your Name is Nice

Your Name is Nice
Other Name: 你的名字很好听

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Ding Si
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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When he was a child, Park En was a very arrogant little handsome boy, but now, as a sprint genius, he changed his previous style, with a unique cheeky, transferred to Ye Liang’s school, and Using everything available, he turned Ye Liang’s childhood sweetheart into his rumored girlfriend. Later, in front of everyone, she publicly admitted that her first kiss was taken away by her, making everyone believe that they were a match made in heaven, and Ye Liang could no longer explain their relationship to others.

Free Reading Highlights:
“In order to better improve your performance, with the help of Ye Liang, I analyzed the weakness of each team member in detail and prepared a set of highly targeted training programs.” Liu Dong’s dark skin was ruddy. Guang, it can be seen that he is in a very good mood at the moment, “Before introducing the training plan to everyone, let us thank Ye Liang with applause.”

The confused team members first glanced at Park En, then at Ye Liang, and then they clapped in cooperation.

Ye Liang was suddenly called, and she waved her hands in fright. She had seen the 2.0 version of the training plan from Liu Dong’s hand, and it was extremely cruel.

The little girl hurriedly distinguished herself: “No, no, no, it has nothing to do with me, it’s all the credit of your coach.”

Liu Dong nodded in favor: “From now on, we will conduct regular training in the morning, special training in the afternoon, and strength training in the evening. We will work in three prongs and strive to not leave any one behind in a month. Do you have any confidence?”

“Have confidence!”

The sonorous answer once again filled the entire training ground, Ye Liang silently prayed for the blessings of this group of players, hoping that they would not be frightened in a while.

“Dashan and Fang Anyang are out.” Liu Dong called.

The two people looked at each other unidentifiedly. After standing at the front of the team, they heard Liu Dong continue to say: “Dashan, a slow start is the difficulty you need to overcome first. If you can reduce the reaction time by 0.1 second at the start, , Then your grades can take a step forward.”

“Fang Anyang, your problem is insufficient stamina. Often the speed starts to slow down when you reach 80 meters, which leads to weak sprinting.”

“I will do an experiment today and let everyone help you overcome the difficulties with the new method I prepared.”

These words made both people look forward to it. After all, no one wanted to improve their grades.

“Park Eun, go get the’props’ from outside.”

There are props?

Several people stretched their necks and looked out, even Xiao Zhou, who was in charge of the camera, turned his head and looked curiously.

Ye Liang silently covered his face, and as expected, in the next second he heard a series of swear words bursting out of Dashan and Fang Anyang’s mouth. Da Shan was the most exaggerated. He ran to the edge of the training ground and shouted: “Park Eun, don’t come close to me, I went crazy but even dogs bite!”

Fang Anyang on the other side is not much better, screaming that he wants to grab the mobile hard drive and limited edition poster in Park Eun’s other hand: “Why does my treasured 128G mobile hard drive appear in your hand, and it’s stuffed in it? Laura and Maria in my cabinet, what are you going to do with them?”

The training ground instantly jumped, and only a gloomy smile flashed across the face of coach Liu Dong.

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