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Rich Contract: Women, don’t want to run away

Rich Contract: Women, don’t want to run away (Novel)
Other Name: 豪门契约:女人你别想逃, Rich Contract: Women, Don’t Want to Run

Genre: novel, romance, President
Author: Hua Jingjing
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The protagonists Bai Zishao and Ling Jingxue. Ling Jingxue fell into the Pacific Ocean because of a plane crash. Even if Ling Jingxue was a good swimmer, she couldn’t survive in the Pacific Ocean, but Ling Jingxue was not willing to die like this. It may be that God felt her strong Demand, a miracle appeared!

Free Reading Highlights:
Ling Jingxue returned home and was extremely depressed. She could only call her cousin for help. The bad news is that her cousin’s phone was down.

I was wearing a big broomstick on my head. I met annoying people at the wrong time and got entangled in tricky things. O, Shit. Ling Jingxue put her head in her hands, and her Kari has only tens of thousands of dollars in silent writing in recent years. Where is the 300,000?

Looking at the Qian Nu Qingxue that she wrote, she suddenly wanted to add the mood of’Love between Actresses’ in it, adding to the psychedelic color, which should be very sensational, but this time she didn’t have the mind to write, so she went out to the subway alone. Go.

The singer did not come.

Ling Jingxue sat blankly on the railing of the subway entrance, seeing the layers falling down at dusk, and the familiar subway entrance was empty. The crowd came and went in and out, but there was no him in the crowd, no matter how many people there were, it was still lonely no matter how crowded the subway was.

Ling Jingxue closed her eyes and repeated the song in her heart. He would sing every time she came here when she was in a bad mood.

“Osmanthus Fall”: “I don’t care anymore. I will give you a sweet-scented osmanthus branch: my heart is gray, my love heart is gray, my tears, sad eyes can’t squeeze a single tear, I’ll treat you Like sweet-scented osmanthus, it withers in late autumn…”

Ling Jingxue has always liked him to sing this song. Although he is selling it, he is a wandering artist, not a beggar.

It was the most beautiful and gentle song she thought, young face, fiery heart, and the song directly saw the desolation of life.

At the first encounter in winter, the handsome boy and the beautiful girl faced each other across the platform gate, with focused eyes and full of tears. The people behind him kept flowing, but her tears and his songs became eternal! She has always thought it was the only heartbeat in her life, she could forget herself in an instant.

From then on, she would change trains three times close to the evening and ran to this subway station to listen to him singing when she had time, and she developed a habit.

But when he didn’t come tonight, Ling Jingxue broadcasted her cousin’s call again, but she was still down. With all the savings she has accumulated in writing articles in recent years, her income from a single family is average, not Xiaobai. She has always been independent, but she doesn’t want to encounter such a difficult thing now.

Ling Jingxue walked aimlessly on the side of the night road, her white skirt swaying in the wind, her long hair flowing, and a lost heart could not calm down.


A red BMW drove quickly and suddenly stopped beside her, causing Ling Jingxue’s hair to be messed up by a cold wind.

“Miss Ye, why is there a night view in Yaxing at night? I’ll take you home?” Bai Zishao leaned against the car window, asking her to be sent home as simple and clear as inviting her to a concert.

“Roar, no need, thank you.” Ling Jingxue listened to her calling herself Miss Ye very easily, but didn’t intend to pierce her. For the sake of her cousin, she just wanted to quickly find a way to solve the matter and get rid of the debt relationship with him as soon as possible. .

“Come on, I won’t eat you again. By the way, I will talk about money. I will broadcast 110 on my phone. If I have any intentions against you, you can press the button directly, Miss Ye, OK?” Bai Zishao charming He smiled, he really played the 110 button, and showed it to Ling Jingxue. His expression was more serious than in the daytime, and it seemed that the animals were harmless.

Ling Jingxue silently glanced at the neon in the distance, her red lips squirmed, and after a few seconds of ideological struggle, she got into the car helplessly, because she did not find any money for the money, and she knew that Bai Zishao could see it. In view of her difficulties, she should talk about money, hoping to have a time limit for discussion.

“Can you give a time limit for money matters?” Ling Jingxue asked not to look at him, the colorful brilliance still staying in the distance, softly, politely and embarrassingly.

“The young man has nothing to do now, and he is also idle when he is free. If you agree to play with me in the future, I don’t want the money. How about? Consider it, Miss Ye.”

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