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You’re Best Watched

You’re Best Watched (Novel)
Other Name: 隔壁桌的小竹马, 你最好看了, The Little Bamboo Horse at the Table Next Door

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Li Lier
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Jiang Zhouyi, as the boss of Moli No.1 Middle School, Because of the issue of hair dyeing, he was notified and criticized. As his accomplice Yin Chaochao did not escape the catastrophe, and the main responsibility for this incident was classmate Yin Chaochao. After all, if it was not her instigation, Jiang Zhouyi would not agree to this. Ridiculous. Everyone knows that Jiang Zhouyi in Moli No. 1 Middle School is a handy boss with few words, and Yin Chaochao is an eccentric, the most capable person who manipulates the emotions of big bosses. After all, since he was a child, he was the one who didn’t like to talk. Boy, has been guarding this girl silently!

Free Reading Highlights:
He is a typical knife-mouthed tofu heart. Although he slapped everyone in Class 16 more than once on weekdays: “You guys, a bunch of things that are holding back and going backwards. I don’t have any hope for your results. Two years, let’s do it for yourself.” But when the anger subsided, I began to bother to think about ways to improve student performance.

After half a month of implementation of the strategy for the short story, everyone has made progress more or less. There were four wrongs in the past, but now one is wrong, and a large number of people are all right. Except… more than 50 papers were sentenced, Liu Zhong encountered a five-question all wrong, and glanced at Jiang Zhouyi’s arbitrary handwriting on the name column, making his brain hurt with anger.

Suddenly, the door of the office was knocked open.

A student from Class 16 rushed in with a panic expression: “Teacher, it’s not good, the class leader is fighting with outsiders!”

“What?” Liu Zhong was anxious all at once, “Jiang Zhouyi, where are the others?”

“At the door of the fifth science class!”

Liu Zhong bounced off his chair, his anger soared: “What? Science Class 5? I want to see what kind of battle he fought, and he got me to the science teaching building! What are you doing in a daze, and quickly lead the way. !”

On the corridor outside the fifth science class, people watching the excitement surrounded the three floors inside and outside three floors.

Liu Zhong rushed over with an angrily, and let out a sharp roar: “Whatever you see, give me back to class! Dismiss all staff!”

He stepped into the class and saw two people lying on the ground shouting “Ouch, oh,” and one of them was still bleeding from the nose.

Jiang Zhouyi and Yin Chaochao were sitting on the window opposite the classroom door, blowing air in a very leisurely manner.

The two seemed to have known Liu Zhong would come, their expressions were not surprised at all, and they jumped down from the window one after another.

The desks, chairs and benches in the classroom were swaying, books were scattered everywhere, and traces of fighting were everywhere.

Liu Zhong’s face was green: “Who did it first?”

The two people lying on the ground stood up with each other’s arms, and one of the wicked people first filed a complaint: “Mr. Liu, the one who hit Jiang Zhouyi in your class first!”

“Bah, baah, if you want to be shameless, you obviously did it first!” Yin Chaochao said angrily, “If we have the ability, let’s transfer to the monitoring. It is the puppy who lied!”

The two sides quarreled endlessly. Liu Zhong was so angry that his scalp was numb, and his fingers circled: “It’s not enough shame, isn’t it? You four, come to the office with me!”

Yin Chaochao stubbornly said: “Go and go!”

She jumped behind Jiang Zhouyi and smiled and said to the boy: “Let’s go!”

Jiang Zhouyi laughed at her: “The fox is fake.”

Yin Chaochao nodded solemnly: “You are right.”

I don’t know why, as long as she stands behind Jiang Zhouyi, she is very confident.

“Let’s talk about it, what’s going on this time?”

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