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Fascinated by you

Being Fascinated by You (Novel)
Other Name: 为你着迷, Fascinated by you, Obsessed with you

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Aden Scarecrow
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The novel mainly tells: Guan Jingjing is not a very gossip girl, she is also very safe and self-defeating, although her grades are not very outstanding, and her appearance is not very good, but for various reasons, she is still in the upper-middle class. Walking on the road is not the kind of person who is overwhelmed by people. And Yan Yi is the male god of all girls in the school. Not only does he study well, but he also has a good family background. If there was no accident in the study room, there would not be any intersection between them, but it was the accident that completely entangled their lives.

Free Reading Highlights:
The fat man was punished for drinking and absenteeism.

Because of his special status as the monitor, the young counselor wanted to take this opportunity to establish his prestige, which was quite a bit of a slap in the face. Originally, Yan Yi only wanted to give him a small “warning”, who knew the consequences would be so serious.

So in order to make up for it, during the sick leave, Yan Yi had to use the relationship of several seniors and greeted him several times. Finally, the fat man’s punishment decision was suppressed.

Writing a review is of course indispensable, and the counselor later decided to punish and punish the fat man from his position as the squad leader. Although Pangbo is an average student, he has always been very popular because of his loyalty.

This is evident from the fact that he and Guan Jingping can become friends. But he was wrong this time, and no one can protect him.

Only in this way, the squad leader’s seat became vacant.

The counselor first suggested that Fan Yiting should serve concurrently. As the secretary of the Youth League branch, she was familiar with the affairs of the class and was able to get started quickly. However, this proposal was immediately opposed by all the boys…

The reason is simple. A strong girl like Fan Yiting, although well-informed, did not know how many boys had offended just by organizing group activities in the past two years. I think back then, when I first enrolled in school, I was young and ignorant. Seeing that this girl was gentle and beautiful, the boys cast all votes for her.

Nowadays, what a good time to stand up, is it that these “oppressed” boys will miss the opportunity?

Thus, democratic elections.

The results of the election were not unexpected, and Liu Junhan was elected with high votes.

Liu Junhan is the captain of the basketball team in the college. Last year, the Department of Electronics was able to grab the next championship from the people of the School of Mathematics and Physics and return to the pinnacle of glory. In their electronics department, Liu Junhan has always been the most inspiring person besides Fatty.

Coincidentally, the new monitor Liu Junhan and Guan Jingjing are not completely disjointed. In the sophomore year, the electronics major began to set up a circuit experiment class. Several girls were separated by the teacher and assigned to the boys’ team.

Guan Jingjing was assigned to a group with Liu Junhan.

Boys in their electronics department generally have two extremes. One is the type with a strong desire for control. Every experiment class has to occupy the instrument and operate it by himself from beginning to end, without giving a partner a chance at all.

The other type is extremely lazy, and the experimental professional courses are all clouds for them, so every time they experiment, they either disappear or fall asleep, or simply leave a mess of things to the experiment partner, and finally ask you to copy it. Copy the experiment report.

Fortunately, Liu Junhan is not any of them.

Although Guan Jingjing has a good grasp of theoretical knowledge, she is a girl after all, and her hands-on skills are weaker. So in the process of cooperating with Liu Junhan, she learned a lot and benefited a lot. There were some complicated steps that she couldn’t understand for a while, and she quickly got used to it after seeing Liu Junhan’s technique.

Liu Junhan is willing to help others. He is not the kind of person who completes the experiment and just walks away. He often stays and discusses how to write the experiment report with her.

Guan Jingjing felt that he was a good experimental partner.

Fan Yiting was upset for several days because of the election of the monitor. Guan Jingjing persuaded her to fail, but instead let her go. She knew about Fan Yiting anyway, and she would leave quickly when she was angry.

Once something distracted her, the previous unhappiness disappeared. Moreover, Guan Jingjing felt that Liu Junhan was a good candidate for the position of monitor.

However, what Guan Jingian didn’t know was that after a semester of getting along, Liu Junhan seemed to consider her more than just a partner…

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