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He Smiles Sultry

He smiles sultry (Novel)
Other Name: 他笑起来很撩人, He is so sultry to laugh, He Laughs Very Sultry

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Variety Bear
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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As a recognized god of study at Nantah University, Ma Zimo has always shown people with a cold face. Although he is unsmiling and handsome, he reveals a sense of alienation that is not to be disturbed by strangers. Cheng Rui is a faculty member of the Department of Computer Science at Nantah University. Not only is she beautiful, she has a very good temper. Originally, the two people did not have much intersection. As a result, Cheng Rui was assigned a task at an event, which was to make the god of learning Ma Zi smile silently. Deep down in her heart, she felt that this must be very simple, but she was surrounded by this man. After dancing for a while, I got Ma Zimo’s eyes looking at her like a fool, which made Cheng Rui feel that it was really difficult for the gods to pick up.

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“That’s not necessarily the case, it depends on your performance.” Cheng Rui looked away, but the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but cock up.

In the golden autumn of October, Ma Zimo followed Cheng Rui back home.

As soon as Cheng Ma opened the door, she saw Ma Zimo carrying a large bag, and her face suddenly burst into laughter.

Knowing that Cheng Rui’s father usually likes to drink, Ma Zimo bought several bottles of white wine and red wine. In addition, he also brought good tea and some expensive supplements from home, plus the carnations that he had just bought downstairs. It’s said that it’s not strange that there are many people. Ma Zimo can’t figure out the preferences of her parents. It’s always right to buy more things.

“Mom, Dad, this is Ma Zimo, my boyfriend.” Entering the room, Cheng Rui introduced with a shy face.

“Hello Auntie, Hello Uncle!” Ma Zimo stepped forward enthusiastically and shook hands with a smile on his face. Cheng Rui stared blankly, thinking that this guy can change his face so quickly.

“Hello, hello… sit down, Xiao Ma, can Auntie call you like this?” Dad Cheng seemed a little nervous when he saw his daughter’s boyfriend for the first time. He only rubbed his hands on one side, his face was cheerful, and Cheng’s mother reacted. Quickly, smiled and replied.

“Good.” Ma Zimo sat down obediently.

“It’s a hard ride in the car along the way. Drink some hot water to warm up your body.”

Ma Zimo took a sip of hot water and shivered all over his body. It was only in October that the first snow fell in Cheng Rui’s hometown. As a native Southerner, he froze into a popsicle right after he got off the plane, and he hasn’t recovered yet.

“Little Ma, you said you just come to play, why do you bring so many gifts, Ruirui, you are really too, just bring him over, you have everything at home, where you can spend such a lot of money…”

Cheng Rui smiled, and Ma Zimo replied: “Yes, it should. Uncle, do you like this wine?”

Dad Cheng looked at the beautifully packaged Moutai, his happy eyes couldn’t move away, and he muttered, “This is good wine, good wine…”

After a brief chat, Cheng’s mother went to the kitchen and started to get busy. Cheng’s father felt that he was a bit redundant in the living room. He didn’t sit for a while, and went to help.

Cheng Rui took Ma Zimo to visit her bedroom.

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