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Shao Guang Wei Wan

Shao Guang Wei Wan
Other Name: Shao Guang Wei Wan

Genre: novel
Author: Oudi Yao small child
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Three men and two women entered the society simultaneously from university, experiencing various tests of feelings, career, business wars, campus, education, ability, reality, temptation, life and death, each of them has become the most anticipated appearance, recalling the good times in the past, sighing And thank the flying youth.

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The Guangqiaohua High-tech Industrial Circle is the premier high-tech industrial circle in Shanghai. It is filled with high-end technical talents with high education and high vision. Due to the high level of civilization of the employees, the high-tech industry has a high degree of confidentiality. The numerous and magnificent buildings in the high-tech industry circle often show a cold, arrogant side. Quietness, solemnity and solemnity have become the first impression of this industry circle for others.

This day is uncharacteristically. Although reporters often visit this place on weekdays, they want to understand the specific production, manufacturing, operating conditions and industrial operation methods of this prestigious high-tech industry circle. Even if they can’t get anything, they can It is also a good thing to interview a small worker and write a report. However, the high-tech industries are extremely demanding, and they have always protected the safety and confidentiality of their industries to the outside world, and rarely accept interviews.

It was July in Shanghai, which made people sweat. However, in the morning of this day, many reporters gathered around the door of Wilbau Optics Co., Ltd., one of the well-known optical industry leaders in the high-tech industry circle. Although the posture of waiting was a little anxious, they could see that they were full of confidence. of.

“Ms. Tang, someone saw you and Jia Sijun, the general manager of New Angs Computer Co., Ltd., were not going home yesterday. What explanation do you have for this?” “Some people say that they saw you two enter the hotel together. I have photos here. Can you explain anything?” Tang Limei’s ears were constantly flooding with questions like this. She was a little panicked. She just borrowed the light of her brother Tang Likun who is the technical sales director of Welbau Company. A secretarial position earns a little money in the company. She is simple and innocent, and she is well guarded by the family. The fact that this situation just happened really made her blushing and embarrassed.

At that time, Tang Limei suddenly flashed an idea. This was not a bad thing for her. Tang Limei cleared his throat and adjusted his appearance. In an instant, she burst into tears. Seeing her appearance, she listened to her grievances and confessed that she was forced. If there is a relationship, it’s the reporters’ turn to panic and think about it.

This Jia Sijun can also be regarded as a legend. Although he moved to different companies and finally settled here, he has accumulated a lot of experience before and is now the technical director of New Angs Computer Company. Although it is only the position of director, no one in the entire industry knows the existence and expansion of Xinangsi without him.

Therefore, although what Tang Limei said is really breaking news, if a press release is written, it will definitely burst the industry circle, but few people dare to dig further immediately, plus Tang Limei gave reporters some benefits, and they expected that these reporters would have to consider them. If the company’s competitive strength is easily exposed without sufficient evidence, it will shoot itself in the foot instead. After getting the benefits, the reporters left after discussion, and only a few said they would continue to follow this matter.

Tang Limei turned around and walked towards his brother Tang Likun’s office triumphantly. He repeated the reporter’s questions and his own answers in detail to his brother. After hearing his sister’s description, Tang Likun immediately clapped his hands and praised his sister’s wit, Jia Sijun He was a good brother of Tang Likun in university, but he was proud of everything and controlled him. In addition, Tang Likun’s hatred of Jia Sijun had taken root, and finally he was able to buckle the shit basin on him, and he was able to see Jia Sijun’s Life is not as rampant as before, so easy to live, this is also a relatively relieved thing.

“You are doing this right. Don’t let this gossip disturb the development of our company. He is a man, so he should take on some things, not to mention that he has lived enough days with good weather, and this reason can be regarded as able to make him. Be less frantic.” Tang Likun poured hot American coffee for his sister, which is a drink that her sister would drink almost every day.

But this time the coffee was not hot, Tang Limei frowned, and then whispered: “It shouldn’t be this inch!” Then he slowly tasted it.

Tang Likun has a special psychology for Jia Sijun, so after this incident, he did not focus on Tang Limei, but was excited about the price Jia Sijun might pay.

Tang Likun was a little nervous when he accidentally saw his sister Limei’s state. Tang Likun felt a little strange. A self-protection lie was a last resort strategy. As long as a press conference was held, all of this could be explained. However, his sister Limei’s performance Let Tang Likun have an ominous premonition.

“Brother, if I said I was really trampled by him, what would you do?” Tang Limei’s breathing was short, his hands kept playing with the corners of his clothes, Tang Likun realized the seriousness of the problem, and angrily put the table on the table. The coffee was pushed away and fell to pieces on the ground.

“Brother, I was wrong, I was really wrong, I know I shouldn’t say it, but so many reporters just now, I blurted out when I was excited, I didn’t want to burden others!” Tang Limei saw Tang Likun so She was so frightened that she knelt in front of her brother. She knew the relationship between Jia Sijun and Tang Likun. Her decision undoubtedly damaged Jia Sijun’s reputation. Tang Likun must find it very tricky and scandalous.

“Limei” Tang Likun tried his best to keep himself calm: “You just said this, although we are victims, but after all, people didn’t put a knife on your neck to let you go with him, right? Entering the hotel video Can you tell what kind of resistance you have? If there is no evidence, how can I prove your innocence? Even if everyone believes all this, how should the corporate confidentiality system be maintained in the future? I didn’t expect that the matter would be opened because of you. To the reporter’s door, why did you tell the truth so early?”

Tang Limei saw his brother so distressed and felt that he had been hurt, but he did not receive the slightest comfort from his brother, so he left in tears.

At this time, Tang Likun realized that he had treated his sister too much, and tried his best to suppress his inner anger, and cast his gaze out of the window. While Tang Likun was thinking about how to solve this problem, the tranquility of Jia Sijun’s home was about to be broken.

“Daughter-in-law, is there any new shower gel in our house? This is used up!” Jia Sijun asked her lover Pansy, without turning over the shower gel when taking a shower. Pansy was very helpless: “Wait, I will find it for you. Knowing whose house this is, it’s as if you don’t live with it, and ask me everything.” After this man got married, he didn’t have the sweetness and tenderness before. The life of Jia Sijun was throwing things around, and the messy life was created by Jia Sijun.

Pansyxi and Jia Sijun were students who were not in the same department during college. Jia Sijun often went to play basketball. Like other little girls, how could Pansyxi miss the best opportunity to see handsome guys? I remember that these girls didn’t go to school at that time. When working on the basketball court, many girls started an unforgettable love in college in the process of picking up the ball and touching porcelain.

Not only were Pansyxi and Jia Sijun lucky to become one of them, but also broke the breakup after graduating from college. Curse, at the time of graduation, Jia Sijun was in front of the public while taking graduation photos, romantically proposed to Pan Xixi, and soon the two entered the palace of marriage. Now they have been married for two years. , They have a daughter who has just turned one year old. Whenever they see this cute naughty daughter, their eyes are filled with contentment and love.

“Dong dong dong” a hurried knock on the door came. Pan Xixi had just handed the shower gel to Jia Sijun, turned around and opened the door to the person who came.

As soon as the door opened, Pansyxi was stunned. Two people in police uniforms stood in front of her like this. This should be the first time she has had such close contact with the police. It may be because of nervousness or For some other reason, she actually closed the door again.

“Siyun, yes, it is the policeman, what are you saying? It knocked on our door” Pansy was muttering in her heart, but she saw Jia Siyun, who had just come out of the shower, lowered her head. For a moment, my heart was cold for a while.

Sure enough, the knock on the door came again, and the police said something similar to the need for them to cooperate in the investigation, Pan Xixi stubbornly opened the door.

“Hello, ma’am, is Mr. Jia Sijun here?” Pan Xixi listened to the police’s question and swept his eyes in Jia Sijun’s direction, and the police followed him.

Seeing that Jia Sijun was almost naked at this time, the police asked him to put on his clothes first, and Pansy and the police were left in the room. Pansy was very nervous and entangled. She wanted to know what happened to her lover, but was afraid to ask. The answer is a weight that I can’t bear at all.

“Do you want to drink water?” Pansyxi tried his best to make herself seem calm after all, but the hand that poured the water kept trembling, hot water poured on her hand, but she didn’t say a word, and finally she still couldn’t live up to tears. ‘S flowed down.

“I’m finished, I can go with you.” Jia Sijun seemed to have known why the policeman came to him. Pansy was crying. This man is the one he loves so much, even though he is in the chores of life. There are thousands of ways to dislike him, but she loves him, worrying about what difficulties he has encountered that will make him fall into such a field.

“I will cooperate in investigating some situations. Soon, I mean I will come back as soon as possible!” At the moment Jia Sijun was taken out by the police, Pansyxi completely fainted in tears, and kept chanting: ” Come back, come back!”

The room was full of Pansyxi and her daughter’s crying. I don’t know how long she fainted, Pansyxi woke up. If it wasn’t for the indifference and quietness in the room, she might not have turned on the TV, let alone see what was broadcast on the TV. Tang Limei’s interview details.

Tang Limei came to Tang Likun’s office again with righteous indignation. When he was interviewed, he had already told these reporters whether to report. Everyone agreed with the temptation of fear and profit. The sudden appearance of the rebels must be the same. Brother related.

As a result, ten minutes later, Tang Li slammed the door from the office with tears. Her mind kept reverberating with the words of her brother Tang Likun: “You can have no face, but I can’t. This company can’t!

This company must be held accountable. The matter, hold it to the end! Especially the other party is Jia Sijun! Especially him! I am fighting for the last pity and a little bit of self-esteem for you, no matter what you want in return, you are not only not grateful, but also so arrogant and confident. Why did the Tang family have such an unsatisfactory thing like you…”

However, Tang Likun saw his sister running away in tears, but showed an evil and smug smile. Then he called the police and found a lawyer for the first time…

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