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Dragon Rider of the Tang Dynasty

Datang Longqi
Other Name: 大唐龙骑, Dragon Rider of the Tang Dynasty, The Great Tang: The Beginning of the Tang Dynasty

Genre: novel, history
Author: Tang Gongzi
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Li Mo can’t understand it, so let’s go through it, why he saved the Prince Li Jiancheng of the Tang Dynasty impulsively. It was because of his actions that not only became Li Shimin’s thorny eye, but also caused him to be stared at by many eyes. Under Li Shimin’s sophisticated tactics, Li Mo can get away. In the eyes of the world, he is a dragon general. With the help of the system, he can call the wind and call the rain, and it is also smoothly integrated with everyone. What Datang Longqi, he just wants to return to his world and play online games.

Free Reading Highlights:

Even if Yu Chigong ordered one black armour after another to block the trapped camp, the strength of the two sides differed greatly!

The eight hundred trapped camp has completely become a huge meat grinder at this moment. Every step forward, nearly one hundred black armored soldiers will fall. Only Qin Qiong and Yu Chigong can see that the corners of their mouths are twitching. The two of them are ordered to bring ten thousand. The black armored army came to attack the Xuanwu Gate, but at this moment, the number of black armored troops who lost their lives in the hands of the 800 trapped camp was more than a thousand, and even the number of casualties was constantly expanding.

“The ambition to fall into the battle, there is no life, there is no life, what a camp, what a Yan Wang Li Mo!”

Qin Qiong’s complexion changed at this moment, but looking at King Yan Li Mo who was struggling to resist, and at the camp that kept strangling the black armored army, Qin Qiong finally made up his mind!

After the flying dragon was in the sky, Qin Qiong didn’t bully him again, and even withdrew two steps later, and pulled a distance from Li Mo. At the same time, Qin Qiong had blue veins on his right hand. His face changed from sallow to flushed red!

In the next second, the golden mace in Qin Qiong’s hand, like a golden lightning bolt, flew towards Li Mo!

If you let go, Qin Qiong’s trick is to hit him if he goes out, and he will die if he goes out!

at the same time!

Yu Chigong also broke out his strongest trick!

Break the whip, you must break it!

At this moment, even with the possession of Zhao Yun’s attribute card, Li Mo also felt a huge danger!

The one that will come out of you, the one that will break the whip when you hit!

The stunts of the two great generals of the Tang Dynasty and the only two invincible tricks of the eighteen heroes of the Sui and Tang Dynasties all greeted Li Mo alone!

Skills, seven in and seven out, skills, all bravery, absolute defensive skills, see Dragon Resurrection!

But even if the three major skills are all out, Li Mo is just a slashing whip that can withstand Lieutenant Chi Gong, Qin Qiong’s hand-cutting skill is no longer able to separate his mind to resist!


Qin Qiong’s deceit turned into a golden light, and it swept Li Mo’s body like a golden dragon. All of a sudden, the place where Li Mo was standing was full of smoke and dust!

This is the power of the best, with this trick, Qin Qiong ranks sixteenth among the eighteen heroes in the Sui and Tang Dynasties!

“King Yan!”

“Fifth brother!”

At this moment, Prince Li Jiancheng brought the Xue family brothers, Feng Li and Wei Ting four generals, and nearly ten thousand prince’s troops to Xuanwumen!

However, when the imperial majesty arrived at the Xuanwu Gate, what he saw was Qin Qiong’s slapstick, directly hitting King Yan Li Mo!

In an instant, the prince felt dizzy!

Qin Qiong’s best-in-hand skill, the one who comes out will be hit, and the one who is going to die, the world knows it!

Even back then, Qin Qiong relied on this unique skill to kill Yang Lin, the former Sui patron king, and as the sixteenth of the eighteen heroes in the world, he forcibly killed the seventeenth patron king of the eighteen heroes in the world, the prisoner Longbang Yang Lin!

It shows the power of his letting go. If Yan Wang is here to let go, is there still a life?

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