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The Return of the Movie Queen Is Not Easy to Disturb the President

The president is not easy to provoke after the movie queen returns
Other Name: 影后归来这个总裁不好惹

Genre: novel, romance
Author: M0 Li
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Gu Ningxuan never thought that when she became a first-line star, she would be killed by a close family member. Gu Ningxuan who was unwilling to wake up after death, but she was no longer Gu after waking up. Ning Xuan, instead, became an 18-line star Ning Xuan. And now it has been three years after her death, and the people who once hurt her seem to have got everything they want by stepping on her achievements. Faced with such a situation, Gu Ningxuan is determined to take revenge!

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Gu Ningxuan hummed softly, but the coldness in her eyes grew thicker.

The gold master behind “Waiting” is Lin Yu Company, who spread the rumors that she was paid a high price, but who else would do this except Lin Moyu!

Log on to Weibo, there are numerous reports about her. Insiders from the mysterious crew came out and accused her of playing big cards and demanded up to 10 million in appearance fees. Openly and secretly sarcastically that she didn’t know how to converge when she was a little famous, and she didn’t have the basic professional qualities of an actor…

Fortunately, she has accumulated a lot of fans some time ago, and many big fans have iron fans who help her speak.

Even Dan reposted Weibo, saying that she believed in her.

In this way, although this fake news made some black fans proud to spread it everywhere, it did not cause a large-scale spread. Many passers-by just thought it was deliberately framed by the crew of “Waiting”, and they were still on the Weibo theory of the deputy director It’s a big pass.

The little-known deputy director became anxious and broke the news about Ning Xuan’s previous dark history. Said she had misbehaved and seduce investors and directors everywhere. Now he instructs the navy to wash her white again, she is just a green tea bitch!

Where do fans believe his words, the comments are all mocking him.

“A young director with the 18th line also came out to rub our Xuan Xuan heat?”

“Laughing to death, this is probably just jumping over the wall, it’s true.”

“Where are the brothers and sisters who gave “Fuck” a star!”

Yuxuan Entertainment’s actions are equally fast and amazing, and I don’t know where they got the set video, which is full of Gu Ningxuan’s earnestness and dedication in filming.

Including the crying scene in the heavy rain, it made a large number of fans directly cry out for abuse.

The crew of “Waiting” failed to get a good deal, and Gu Ningxuan gained another wave of fans.

A day later, Hua Yuexing called to inform her that the film “Medicine” was about to start in the afternoon, and to keep up with the progress, she had to work overtime for two months.

The movie was released on New Year’s Day six months later. As a Lunar New Year file, the theme of “Medicine” is obviously a bit “heavy”.

In previous years, Chinese New Year ** were mostly comedy or action movies, and there were very few urban movies that reflected social reality. This time Huayue Xingjian went slant, obviously a decision had already been made.

The next day, when Gu Ningxuan drove Tan Yuan to the set, Hua Yuexing was discussing the script of “Medicine” with the screenwriter. It seems that it is because of the opinions of investors that some areas need to be revised.

Gu Ningxuan smiled and greeted, and went straight to the backstage of the studio.

In the dressing room, Ding Keke let his assistant make up with an impatient look, and his face was uncertain. She has been pleasing to the Chinese director everywhere recently, but she has repeatedly hit the wall, and she is inevitably a little angry.

Aside, the assistant put on her lipstick tremblingly. I don’t know if it was because of being too nervous, a drop of cold sweat fell on her forehead.

The assistant was startled, and hurriedly reached out to wipe her: “Sorry Miss Ding, I didn’t mean it…”

The lipstick strokes the cheeks lightly, leaving a faint red trace.

The assistant quivered with fright, and the lipstick fell to the ground.


The lipstick rolled a few times, and finally stopped at the door, in front of Gu Ningxuan’s toes.

Seeing that the makeup was gone, Ding Keke turned dark, pushed away the assistant’s hand in disgust, and sneered angrily: “Trash! Get out!”

The assistant dared not refute, changed his face and hurriedly left.

“It’s really bad luck! Li Rong, throw away the lipstick, and come back to touch up my makeup.” Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Gu Ningxuan standing at the door, Ding Keke’s conversation turned, and the Yin and Yang suddenly became strange.

Li Rong is her regular assistant and used to be a senior makeup artist. After hearing this, she didn’t understand what she meant, and hurriedly picked up the lipstick at the door and stuffed it into her pocket: “I see, Miss Ding.”

Gu Ningxuan didn’t bother to put her tricks in his eyes. After putting on makeup and changing clothes, she took Tan Yuan to the set.

A few minutes later, Ding Keke arrived late.

Today, the heroine does not have many scenes, so she has a rivalry with the heroine. However, for the sake of the film effect, the director of China still let most of the leading actors and supporting actors be there to watch.

Gu Ningxuan thought at first that Li Yiming would continue to ask for leave, but he didn’t expect that he would bring Shan Qiuqiu with him just after the first scene was filmed.

However, what is different from the past is that Li Yiming is wearing extra maturity and elegance today. He had a handsome and sunny face, and now he is in a white suit, which adds a touch of nobility and demeanor.

“Yi Ming, your body is all right?” Director Hua showed a smile, his eyes gentle.

Li Yiming smiled slightly: “Hua Dao, don’t worry, everything is fine.”

The two exchanged greetings, and Hua Yuexing asked him to change his clothes and prepare for the shooting.

After a while, Tan Yuan came over to inform her, and Duan asked her to film the rivalry with the male number one.

In the film “Medicine”, the second female lawyer was a conscientious and unsmiling person in the early stage. But after meeting the male protagonist in prison, she changed her mind, and finally went to great lengths to think about this case, even her body was exhausted.

On the set, Li Yiming wears a blue and white prison uniform. Shaggy and haggard, he looked like the poor and destitute thief in the script who was accused of stealing drugs and went to court.

Gu Ningxuan walked over slowly, but Li Yiming seemed to have a reaction. He suddenly turned around, smiled at her, and blinked: “Xuan Xuan, long time no see, did you miss me?”

Seeing that he was no different from the past, Gu Ningxuan relaxed a little, and glanced at him with a smile: “It’s a shame not to be a screenwriter with such a good imagination.”

Li Yiming pretended to be angry, stretched out his hand to squeeze her cheek, and snorted coldly: “There is too much talk in the play, and usually it will not survive two episodes.”

Gu Ningxuan backed away without a trace, pursing her lips: “It’s time to prepare.”

Li Yiming subconsciously rubbed his fingertips, and there was still an inexplicable soft fragrance on it. He dropped his arms in a loss, his face returned as usual: “Don’t worry, I’m already ready.”

With the clap of the scene, the camera gradually moved over.

With the preparation of the props group, the set has long been arranged as a prison visit room. Separated by a thick layer of glass, two connected calls are placed at both ends.

The supporting male policeman took Gu Ningxuan to the visiting room, frowning: “A person only has half an hour.”

Gu Ningxuan did not change her face, but nodded to show that she knew.

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