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The Chief Mistress of Chu

Chu Shen’s chief fan (Novel)
Other Name: 楚神的首席迷妹, The Chief Mistress of the God of Chu”

Genre: novel, romance
Author: N/A
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Xu Nianyuan is a sixteen-year-old high school girl. Compared with her peers, she is extraordinarily mature and stable. For her, she also has a star she likes, but she has never followed blindly. However, after she met Chu Yihuai in the game, her world completely felt different, and all of this was because she fell in love with him at first sight. You must know that Chu Yihuai is not an ordinary boy, he is a veritable academic bully, after that, she became the chief fan of this boy.

Free Reading Highlights:
“Wow, this one is simply a fight of the gods.”

“Both of them are super handsome, I don’t know who to support.”

“I support Chu Yihuai, he will definitely win.” Xu Nianyuan, who was silent for a long time, suddenly said, and the players on the side were dumbfounded.

Comparing the hot topics of Ling Yu and Chu Yihuai’s battle, Xu Nianyuan’s sudden remark exploded like a blockbuster in the player pool. Everyone knows that not long ago, Xu Nianyuan was crushed by Chu Yihuai again and again, and was beaten back to the player pool. As a result, she actually helped the “rival” speak, and even stood on his side to support it.

Are they crazy, or is the world crazy?

It’s a pity that Xu Nianyuan looked ahead attentively after saying this. The players in the player pool looked at each other for a moment, and then their thoughts were pulled back to the scene by the host’s voice.

Compared with the lightness before, the host Bei Qin’s tone is calm and serious: “After five rounds of competition, we finally usher in the finals of the third season of “Come on, Future Star”. Chu Yihuai and Ling Yu, please come to the game. station.”

As soon as the voice fell, two slender teenagers slowly emerged in the spotlight. Xu Nianyuan’s gaze fell involuntarily on Chu Yihuai on the left. He wore a light blue shirt today, which made the clear face paler. He looked straight ahead with firm and gentle eyes.

Xu Nianyuan felt that Chu Yihuai had a bamboo-cending temperament that permeated his bones bit by bit, making his gestures look like a pleasing painting.

For some reason, Chu Yihuai’s gaze swept down slightly, and it happened to match her gaze. Xu Nianyuan was stunned. When she was about to stagger her eyes, the other party suddenly bent her eyes and smiled at her. Her nervous heart suddenly calmed down, and she clenched her fist and made a cheering motion at him.

As a sixteen-year-old high school girl, Xu Nianyuan is more mature and stable than her peers. She also likes to “chasing stars”, but she will never chase blatantly and enthusiastically like Yan Xiaoxuan. On the contrary, she will only follow each other in obscurity, trying to stand side by side with the idol she likes through her own ability.

It was the first time that she had done such a “childish” cheering action. Apart from not being familiar with it, it seemed that it was not unacceptable as she imagined.

Seeing her behavior, Chu Yihuai on the stage paused and nodded slightly at her, seeming to have received her “silent” encouragement.

Bei Qin looked at Chu Yihuai: “What do you want to say to Ling Yu, Chu Yihuai?”

Chu Yihuai said lightly: “If you meet on a narrow road, the brave wins.”

Hearing this, Ling Yu on the side twitched his mouth and laughed at himself: “This was originally my line, but it was robbed by Chu Yihuai, so I’ll change it-meet on a narrow path, and the one with quicker hand wins.”

As soon as this statement came out, the audience was in an uproar, and even Bei Qin was shocked for a moment, but fortunately he quickly recovered his calmness: “Look, Ling Yu has challenged, Chu Yihuai, you have to be careful.”

“Yeah.” Chu Yihuai smiled and nodded, but there was no fear in his eyes.

Seeing Chu Yihuai’s appearance, confident Ling Yu frowned slightly. In the “Come on, Future Star” event, Chu Yihuai was the biggest and most unpredictable opponent. Chu Yihuai didn’t play the cards according to the rules, and he couldn’t figure out the bottom.

The third season final of “Come on, Future Star” is divided into two experimental questions and quick answer questions. There are two experimental questions. Chu Yihuai and Ling Yu also answered correctly, and the two were tied, which made the tension to a higher level. .

And the next six quick answer questions, whoever scores more, will be the final champion of “Come on, Future Star”.

Thinking of this, Xu Nianyuan became more anxious, staring motionlessly at Chu Yihuai on the ring, after the first round of competition, he was still calm and composed.

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