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No Foul Play

No foul play (Novel)
Other Name: 不能犯规的游戏, Games that cannot be fouled, Games that must be fouled

Genre: novel, Horror
Author: Ning Hang
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The 14 suspense novel writers came to a strange place somehow. They were locked in a small space. In order to regain their freedom, each of them had to tell a suspense story to others, and then they would be rated by other writers. The person with the highest score has the right to decide the life and death of others. The deaths occurred one after another, and the original 14 people gradually decreased. The death game has already begun. Can they escape safely for the rest of the time?

Free Reading Highlights:
The male doctor was stunned again when he saw me. He probably thought it was very difficult to communicate with me, so he said, “Why don’t we go to the hospital first, okay? Or, tell me who your parents are, they Where do you work?”

I stared at him like a foreigner, but he continued to ask, “Why don’t you tell me which middle school you are studying in, okay?”

It was a strange and horrified feeling-I was sinking slowly in an ice cave in a icy world. First, my feet froze into ice cubes, and then gradually upward, the cold air spread to the entire limbs, freezing my blood, limbs, and thinking. I have completely become an ice sculpture that cannot be thought of. After a while, something seemed to crack in my mind, which was caused by a sudden thought. Driven by this thought, I suddenly went crazy and staggered towards the police car nearest to me. In the rearview mirror on the left side of the police car, I saw the person in the mirror——

It was the face of a teenage boy, exactly like the boy I saw in the supermarket!

All of a sudden, I understood everything. As the world was spinning around, some fragments that happened in the supermarket reappeared in my mind like a fast-playing black-and-white movie——

“You know? I have a daughter who looks about the same age as you. So seeing you makes me feel kind.” (Middle-aged uncle)

“The most important thing at the moment is that the ten of us must be united…” (Middle-aged uncle)

“Actually, I’ve been skeptical for a long time, but I have been holding back without saying it, but now it seems that the murderer must be the boy…” (staff)

Along with these memories, what became clear is the answer to all my previous questions. At this moment, my mind was suddenly very clear, and it made me understand everything. On the night of the accident, I went to study in the evening, and after I came out of school, I took a magazine and read it while going home. When passing by this supermarket, I walked in. Even when I was waiting in line to pay, my whole body and mind was still immersed in that wonderful story.

The story was written so well, called “A Single Woman’s Life in a Different Place”, and I was completely brought into it by the author’s writing. It wasn’t until the gunman broke in and threatened us not to move that the book in my hand fell to the ground. But I was completely unaware. After being extremely frightened, my brain was in a disorder, and then I became a “single woman living in a different place”.

And what happened in the supermarket in the next few days, I also understood-the unreasonable and unreasonable big beard was desperate to smash the door out the next day, and I was opposed to this; the fat woman vowed to Investigating who the murderer is, and saying that she has found a clue, this is obviously a threat to me; and the fashion girl is a time bomb, revealing the dangerous idea that she would use extreme methods to protect herself.

How can she make people feel at ease when she solves it? Obviously, the “boy” who lives in my subconscious mind will not allow these threats to exist. “He” quietly got up and killed them with a fruit knife while I was asleep!

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