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Coax me and bend over

Coax me and bend over (Novel)
Other Name: 哄我一下就弯腰, Just coax me and bend over, Bend me down when you coax me

Genre: novel, Campus, romance
Author: Innocent
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Gao Yueyan was born in the expectation of her parents. At that time, her mother had not died and she was still a happy child. She thought she would be so happy for a lifetime, but her mother died because of a serious illness. And the father found another woman because of her, and this woman also brought two children, one of whom was Shen Ziqiao. There is no intersection between she and Shen Ziqiao. Although they are in the same school, they seem to be a pair of ordinary strangers. But whoever came up with it, in the depths of the boy’s heart, there is always a figure of Gao Yueyan.

Free Reading Highlights:
After all, he hadn’t seen Yue Yan for almost two months.

In the second half of the summer vacation, she and her father went to Vietnam, watched a puppet show, acted as a horse to kill a chicken, went to the Confucian Temple with the locals to pray for blessings, and returned to the hotel with the newly folded green plants. It was late, and the phone was charged in the room, and she saw the QQ sent by Shen Ziqiao, saying that she had something urgent to call her.

What’s important? With a few taps on the screen, she frowned and turned back to a question mark.

Before he could reply, thinking he was asleep, put the phone aside, she pulled down the hair rope and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

I saw his reply before going to bed at night.

“Nothing, just ask when you will be back.”

When she returned, Yueyan brought gifts to the whole family, a mask for her sister Shen Xiner, perfume from her stepmother Li Huifen, and a rubber pillow from Shen Ziqiao. At the dinner table, everyone talked and laughed and asked about what they had seen abroad. The atmosphere was harmonious and harmonious. Yueyan was naturally touted as the center of the topic. I don’t know why, when I went to subtropical countries, Yueyan was lost. It was Shen Xiner. First notice, Shen Ziqiao followed up and looked over. Gao Zhiming explained with a smile: “This kid refuses to go out to play, so he stays in the hotel and reads hard every day.”

Helpless tone, but can’t hear the meaning of helplessness. It is a topic that every parent talks about, implying that their children are easy to learn.

Li Huifen also laughed: “That’s not in vain.”

Gao Zhiming said: “In the future, there will be more opportunities. When they grow up, let them go by themselves.”

A little reunion meal ended in a pleasant atmosphere.

After the meal, Gao Zhiming returned to the study to deal with business matters. Li Huifen drove to the beauty salon outside to make her face. Before leaving, she told the two girls not to sit down all the time after eating, walk more and stay in shape, and got two smiles. .

Shen Xin’er and Yueyan had a joke and talked for a while, then people crooked to the other side of the sofa to reply to text messages, fingers flying, and the smile on the corners of her mouth could not get rid of.

Yueyan peeled her an orange and she didn’t have time to eat it. She asked her to feed it to her mouth piece by piece. She just hugged a cell phone and looked at it and laughed.

Yueyan tilted her head, sucking her fingers and asked curiously: “Sister, are you in love?”

The two were within a few years of age, and Shen Xin’er didn’t treat Yue Yan as a naive child, and admitted sweetly: “That’s right.”


“You don’t know if you say it.”

“I’ll know after you say it,” Yueyan took off her shoes and squeezed to her side, gently shaking her arm, acting like a baby, “Sister, just tell me.”

She was used to being coquettish with her grandparents. The spread was soft and sweet, and Shen Xin’er couldn’t stand it, so she had to compromise and whispered the boy’s name in her ear.

Very familiar two words, because I heard it so many times at home, Yue Yan reacted for two seconds, then suddenly took a breath of air-conditioning, and looked at Shen Xin’er with wide eyes, feeling unbelievable but it seemed to take it for granted.

The occurrence of all feelings actually has hidden signs.

“Didn’t you guarantee that you will share with your mother?”

Because she was too shocked to control the volume, she was so anxious that Shen Xin’er came over to cover her mouth and warned in a low voice, “So don’t shout, little ancestor, let Dad know that it’s over.”

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