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Hush 허쉬 Episode 16 End Recap

The president knew that Han Junhyuk wanted to do everything. Although he was angry and didn’t hate him, he just asked him to hold a press conference and attribute everything to his own fantasy and slander. After a period of rest, he could return to Daily Korea. When Lee Ji-soo learned the truth from Hong Kyu-tae, he immediately took Han Jun-hyuk to no one’s place.

Han Jun Hyuk did change his mind at the last minute, but the starting point of everything was for Lee Ji-soo and the interns like her. If this incident is reported, Li Zhixiu and other interns who have been illegally hired will also face the dilemma of losing their jobs.

Even if Wu Xiuyan did commit suicide, some indisputable facts still exist. No matter how Han Junhyuk explained or denied, Li Jisu couldn’t believe that Han Junhyuk really didn’t want to struggle anymore and gave up. Deputy Chief Liang and others also did not believe that Han Junhyuk gave up because of himself, even if there was a factor for his daughter, but this did not prevent him from reluctant to have the interns lose their jobs.

If everyone wants to be comfortable outside, they can’t do without supporting their family for a long time, even if there have been quarrels here, but as long as the family members choose a path that they think is the right path, they will always need to add support.

Whether it is Deputy Chief Liang, Deputy Chief Zheng, or Jin Jihe, they are all happy to have a family that supports them. And Li Zhixiu has decided to resign and sent a message of thanks to the seniors. Tonight is her last time on duty. She also has a solid backing mother.

As a final farewell, Li Zhixiu hopes to make a drink for the seniors again, and everyone gathers in the restaurant, including Han Junhyuk. No matter what the reason, no matter what the process is, or what the result will be, Han Junhyuk is prepared to bear it alone. Right now, everyone truly believed and understood each other, and ended the best night.

When Han Jun Hyuk walked towards the light of the press conference, everyone was also facing different reporters, telling the truth about what they had heard and heard. Jingyu admitted that he was instructed by Luo Chengyuan to monitor all reports from the Ministry of Social Affairs. Lee Ji-soo, Deputy Chief Liang, Deputy Chief Zheng and Kim Ki-ha also made the truth public in interviews with different newspapers.

Wu Xiuyan became an intern in the first place, but because of her background in a local university, she stopped to become a regular. Minister Yin, under the arrangement of Luo Chengyuan and the president, changed the news of the personal request list to a false report. An Jiyun traded news with Luo Sung Won to defend the Nam Wu Group. All the facts were manipulated for the sake of the daily South Korean president’s illegal public announcement.

Han Jun-hyuk admitted on the spot that he was the culprit who cleared Oh Soo-yeon’s memorial website, and the imperfection of the intern system has led to recruitment as a reality show for the future president of Korea Hong Gyu-tae. From Luo Sung-won preventing Han Junhyuk from reporting internally, to the president asking him to hold a press conference, everything was the last step Han Junhyuk had planned.

All the partners resign from Daily Korea together. Fans are more powerful than pens, but the truth is the most important. News needs to give the public a reliable guarantee. In the end, Minister Yoon was sentenced to two years in prison and An Jiyun to one year in prison. Luo Sung-won and the president were not suspected, and Hon Hong and Hong Gyu-tae were not investigated.

In the end, it was Nao Sung-won who took the position of the president of Daily Korea. He tried every means to make the people trust Daily Korea again. Yan Chenghan got his wish and became the director, as if everything seemed to be a dream.

Han Jun-hyuk and others joined Wu Sung-yeon’s street call. Wu Soo-yeon’s special law requires signatures from the public, not for the dead Wu Soo-yeon to seek justice, but for everyone who is alive, so that the next Wu Soo-yeon will not appear again.

When the truth is not finished, please “hush” and keep silent. When the truth is covered up, when someone wants to lie, please tell them to shut up and “shhh”.

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