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A True Confession to You

Sincerely confess to you (Novel)
Other Name: 真心向你告白, Zhen Xin Likes You, A True Confession to You

Genre: novel, campus, romance
Author: Lu Yao
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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He Niantang grew up in the countryside and was raised by his grandmother. Without the care of her parents, she was like a wild boy and became the boss of the town. At that time, her life was free and there was no worries. Until her grandma passed away, her parents took her into the city. From then on, in her life, the blue sea and blue sky will no longer be the same! The hostility towards her parents and the disagreement with her classmates made her feel extremely lonely. Later, the appearance of He Zhizhou gave her a beam of light, and the appearance of Xu Yizhen accompanied her through those dark days and ran towards The bright life that I longed for.

Free Reading Highlights:
Upon hearing that it was something related to He Zhizhou, He Niantang was immediately aroused and looked at Xu Yizhen scorchingly: “Why?”

In junior high school, the school implemented independent learning, and the teachers also introduced one-to-one mutual aid learning based on grades. He Zhizhou, who was among the best, was naturally assigned to a primary school scum.

The scumbag is a famous bastard in the class. He has heavy makeup and weird costumes all day long. He recognizes a lot of older brothers at school.

Sister Xue’s original name was Zhao Xue. She didn’t like good grades at the end of the crane in the class, and collectively referred to this category of people as nerds.

“Hey, nerd.” Zhao Xue’s red nails poked hard at

In the book, he said proudly, “You have all the tasks assigned by the teacher in the future.”

He Zhizhou looked at the hand in front of him and frowned, “Take your hand away!”

“Yo–” Zhao Xue raised her brows and put her hand on the book recklessly, “Do you know who you are talking to?”

At that time, He Zhizhou hadn’t opened for a long time, but the grades in the class were slightly better and transparent, and he seemed harmless to humans and animals.

Xu Yizhen sat in front of He Zhizhou. He and He Zhizhou were doing a physics problem in the competition, and their thoughts were completely invested and not affected by the outside world.

He Zhizhou leaned back on the table behind: “You are Zhao Xue?” A person who is not worth remembering, he never wastes extra brain capacity.

Hearing this, Zhao Xue seemed to have heard the fairy tale, and pointed to herself incredulously: “You don’t know…”

“Is there anyone telling you that your nails are ugly.” Before Zhao Xue could finish, He Zhizhou opened his mouth and looked at Zhao Xue, “The clothes are also very tasteless.”

Zhao Xue couldn’t save her face, and threatened viciously: “Believe it or not…”

“How many people can beat me?” He Zhizhou took the words slowly, “Then, can the facts be changed?”

“Aren’t you just a nerd,” Zhao Xue flushed, and insisted on retorting, “What’s so proud?”

“Do you look down on nerds so much?” He Zhizhou looked at Zhao Xue, “It’s not because you are jealous!”


“Why is it impossible?” He Zhizhou glanced at Zhao Xue, “What you do now, recognize your brother, make up, I can learn all day, what I disdain to do, you can still be proud?”

“He Zhizhou, I made it.”

Xu Yizhen put down the pen and looked up and said, “The answer is one hundred and fifty-eight…”

Staring at He Zhizhou, Zhao Xue’s eyes were red, and He Zhizhou closed the pen cover as if it was nothing to do with him: “I invite you to ice cream.”

“What’s wrong?” Xu Yizhen looked at the weird combination, “Did something happen?”

Everyone is swallowing saliva, are they really good friends in the legend?

He Zhizhou and Xu Yizhen left the classroom one after another, and the good deeds looked at Xu Yizhen’s desk and said: “Senior sophomore physics…”

“Are they doing sophomore physics?”

The classroom exploded for a while.

Zhao Xue gritted her teeth and walked out of the classroom. Although she wanted to deceive herself, what He Zhizhou said was not wrong.

“You actually let him invite you to eat ice cream?” He Niantang looked at Xu Yizhen dissatisfied, “You are clearly at risk.”

“My fault, I am not a gentleman.” In the face of He Niantang’s accusation, Xu Yizhen laughed and laughed, and He Niantang’s focus was really strange.

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