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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 9 Recap

Yueyang sent disciples to bring back the body that Fang did not know. Zhou Zishu recognized that he was the person who stole Wen Kexing’s glazed armor. He couldn’t help but sighed. Gao Chong looked at it carefully from beginning to end, and found a few Yuda Bananas in Fang’s throat Zhou Zishu recognized that it was a hidden weapon unique to the skylight at a glance, and concluded that Han Ying had snatched the glazed armor from Fang Shizeng’s hands. He didn’t want to stay here for a long time, so he hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Gao Chong couldn’t keep it and invited them to participate. Heroes assembly.

Cao Weining took Gu Xiang to taste the food in the city. His cute and dull look made Gu Xiang laugh. Gu Xiang couldn’t help but move out ghouls to scare him. He kept claiming that ghouls only eat handsome people like him, Cao Weining. Swearing to protect Gu Xiang and eradicate all evil spirits in the world, Gu Xiang smiled and said nothing.

Suddenly, Gu Xiang saw a pair of mother and daughter sent by Wen Kexing to contact, falsely claiming to be the girl who sang the song last time. Gu Xiang hurried over to announce the task to them, and continued to eat with Cao Weining under the pretext of admitting the wrong person. Wen Kexing ordered a large table of food. Zhou Zishu was unwilling to eat. Knowing that his five flavors were slowly declining, he drank alcohol alone, regretting sending Zhang Chengling to the Five Lakes League. Wen Kexing persuaded him and talked about himself. When I was a child, I raised a puppy, but later I couldn’t let it down again.

When Zhou Zishu was about to sleep, his tinnitus suddenly appeared. He had to meditate for luck to repair his internal injuries. Wen Kexing played a flute in the room to help him, and Zhou Zishu quickly recovered his vitality. Wen Kexing came early in the morning to call Zhou Zishu to get up and go to Fanyue Tower to relax. Zhou Zishu could only bite the bullet and go with him.

Fanyue Building is surrounded by beautiful scenery, with lakes and mountains reflected between the long corridor and pavilion. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing climbed up and looked at the distance. From a distance, they saw the gray-haired Anji four sages enjoying themselves in the pavilion. The scholar Lao Du Fuqin, the Pei family played flute accompaniment, and the lone ranger He Yifan danced his sword beside him, like a beautiful picture of leisurely content.

Zhou Zishu told Wen Kexing the origins of the four sages of Anji. The four of them were like-minded. They retired from the rivers and lakes 15 years ago and lived in seclusion in an extremely beautiful bamboo forest in Anji. Zhou Zishu touched the scenery and thought of traveling with Wen Kexing. I have mixed feelings in the past of both enemies and friends.

Zhang Chengling followed the second generation of disciples to practice the exercises. The brothers looked at him as unpleasant and deliberately found faults and whipped him. Zhang Chengling forced his grievances to continue practicing. After the exercise, Zhang Chengling went back to his residence with his head down and saw Gu Xiang coming from a distance. All of Zhang Chengling’s grievances came to his heart, and his sad tears could not help but flow down. He couldn’t wait to know the whereabouts of Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing. Gu Xiang admitted that she was ordered to protect Zhang Chengling, and Zhang Chengling felt a little relieved.

Today is the night of the full moon. Wen Kexing is in a good mood. He sits on the roof and recites poems to admire the moon. Zhou Zishu then rushes to drink with him. Suddenly there was the sound of swords and swords outside. Zhou Zishu looked outside and saw two people fighting together. He felt that these people were very disappointed and destroyed such a beautiful night. But Wen Kexing disapproved of it, and he took Zhou Zishu to see more Fight for life.

When Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing arrived, they saw that the single-eyed man Jiang Che and the violent swordsman Li Heng had died together. They were only fighting for a piece of glass armor. Zhou Zishu thought it was Fang knows that Wen Kexing was the guest. Xing sneered and asked him to think about it. Zhou Zishu immediately guessed that he had custom-made a lot of glazed armors just to lure people from the rivers and lakes to kill each other. Zhou Zishu was disappointed with him and ignored him in anger.

This night, disputes arose in Yueyang City, and everyone was vying for Liulijia. There was a battle of Liulijia. Han Ying got two pieces exactly the same, and he was puzzled. Wen Kexing came to deliver breakfast to Zhou Zishu early in the morning and found that he was no longer in the room. Zhu Yaozhi returned to the Yueyang School with many scars. The juniors hurriedly carried him back. Gao Chong gritted his teeth when he learned of the chaos last night. Gao Xiaolian stayed by Zhu Yaozhi’s side. He remained unconscious.

The Four Sages of Anji got a piece of glazed armor. As soon as the news came out, disciples of the Beggar Gang, Huashan Sect and Kongtong Sect were immediately attracted to snatch it. Huang He led the disciples of the beggar gang to besiege the four sages of Anji, the Huashan faction and the Kongtong faction also came to besiege them, forcing them to hand over the glazed armor, and the little dwarf instructed the mountain slaves to fight them, and both sides were at war. Gao Chong and Shen Shen brought the disciples of the Yueyang School to arrive in time and gave the various martial arts a severe lesson.

Huang He retorted to Gao Chong, Shen Shen stood up and fought against Huang He, and Tao Hongpo and Lu Liuweng confronted Shen. Be cautious about each other. At this moment, three of the four sages of Anji were brutally murdered. The beggars’ disciples took the opportunity to snatch the glazed armor from Mrs. Pei’s hands. Seeing this, Du Lao broke Fuqin and killed himself on the spot. Wen Kexing saw this. One scene, I was deeply regretful.

Gao Chong was so distressed that he took out two pieces of glass armor from his arms and threw them to Huang He, promising to make the matter of the glass armor public after the Heroes’ Conference. Before leaving, he said cruelly, he and Huang He must make a decision. Huang He picked up the glazed armor on the ground and found that both were fake. He gritted his teeth with anger.

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