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The Murder in Kairoutei (2022) 回廊亭

The Corridor Pavilion
Other Title: 回廊亭, 回廊亭杀人事件, Hui Ting Lang, Corridor Pavilion’s Murder Case, Hui Ting Lang Sha Ren Shi Jian, Hall of Corridor, The Murder in Kairoutei (2022)

Genres: Suspense, Mystery, Crime
Release Date: 
Mar 4, 2021
Related Show:
Kairoutei Satsujin Jiken (Japanese adaptation)


  • Deng Jia Jia as Jiang Yuan Xing
  • Steven Zhang as Cheng Cheng
  • Emily Chen as Gao Shi Yao
  • Rebecca Wang as Lin Zhen Hui
  • Liang Ai Qi
  • Qian Bo

While asleep, Tong Xiuzhi’s house catches fire. She wakes up to find herself in a hospital and was told her boyfriend died in the fire. Unable to accept the truth, she committed suicide. The rest of her family members decided to gather at the art gallery to decide how to split her inheritance. An appearance of a beautiful girl at the gallery leads to speculations. A series of murders continue to occur at the gallery. Just what are the secrets behind these murder cases?

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