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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 40 End Recap

The sun shines on the grass and trees in the white forest, and it also shines on the father and daughter. Huo Tu Xin enjoys the peace and beauty at this moment, thinking that his daughter has grown up, although he is trying hard to catch up, but they have already After chasing further and further, Linglong still has her own way to go. In a blink of an eye, Huo Tu Xin saw that there was a big moon dew velvet growing under the tree. She was indeed his daughter. She was lucky enough to think of everything. Seeing Linglong and happy, Huo Tu Xin was satisfied.

Yuanyi and Linglong are about to set off to Pingding, Huotu Xin specially cooked all kinds of dishes that Linglong likes to fill their hunger on the way. One of them is Yuelurong, and they gave the fish boat key to Linglong. Yuanyi still took it. That Huo Tuxin was given to him by Huo Tu Xin, probably because he was afraid that one Yuanyi would not be able to protect Linglong. When he sent them away, Huo Tu Xin couldn’t contain his tears, and called Linglong back and hugged him. This was the last time he saw Linglong.

Pingting began to rebuild after the disaster. Soldiers and people on the roadside joined hands to repair the storefronts. There was a little girl who was distributing buns. Wuyuan also got one. The little girl didn’t want it when he was about to give money. Wuyuan was right. Pingting’s impression is not good, but now I see the scene of everyone helping each other and it’s a little bit unspeakable.

Linglong and Yuanyi were sitting on a fish boat and eating snacks made by Huotuxin. This moon-luw velvet can be said to be commendable. It needs the moon to shine and then the night rain before the sun rises before it can grow out by the sun. Weaving fire is not the rainy season at this moment, and it is a miracle to have moonlight.

When she was a child, Linglong cried and wanted to eat the moon dew velvet. Huo Tu Xin squatted in the white forest with a bucket of water on her back. The next day she raised a large area of ​​moon dew velvet. Lurong may be the same. Huo Tuxin knew that she would go, raised Yuelurong, gave Yuanyi Huofang, and asked Yuanyi to find out that Huo Tuxin called Yuanyi to the Flame Palace early this morning and asked him to promise with a blood stone Care is exquisite and comprehensive.

After that, Huo Tu Xin sat on the throne of the ancestors, his flaming teeth freely controlled the fire in the Yan Palace. Thinking about it this way, Yuan Yi had a bold guess that there was a spiritual stone in Huo Tu Xin, and he was not sending off this time , But a goodbye.

Huo Tu Xin sewed the exquisite clothes, stacked them neatly, put his stone necklace on the clothes, looked around the small room full of laughter, and closed the door from the outside. When they came to the Flame Extinguishing Wall, the patriarch and everyone were waiting for him. Everyone knew what Huo Tu Xin was going to do, but Linglong didn’t know. Huo Tu Xin was holding the Ning Shi Wan, and the cliff in front of him had disappeared before his Jin’er. Maybe this time their husband and wife could still meet each other.

Linglong realized that something was wrong and turned back hurriedly. There were only a few neatly folded clothes and Huo Tu Xin necklace at home. Linglong met Chi Fang and learned of Huo Tu Xin’s death. He closed the crack with his life and saved everyone. Both Yuan Yi and Huo Tu Xin liked to do things with Linglong behind their backs, but Yuan Yi stopped her, but Huo Tu Xin didn’t.

Linglong transformed into a divine lord and walked into the fire. After passing through the fire barrier, she saw a familiar figure. It was the petrified Huo Tu Xin. Lying next to her was her mother Jin’er. They finally met again. Linglong leaned on Huo Tu Xin’s arms, feeling that the two of them turned into fly ash together, turning into two beams of light surrounding her, and a spiritual stone gradually appeared in her palm, becoming one with her. At this time, the flames of Yan Palace lit up with Bi Shengzhu, and Yuan Yi saw the bright sun after the clouds were lifted.

Pingting, the vault of Weishengyan collapsed, everyone cheered. Zhihuo, Linglong engraved the names of their father and daughter on the Glory Stone. The greatest glory of the fire-weaving people is to die for the fire. Linglong took the hope of his parents and held Yuanyi’s hand through the four seasons. Blooming flowers, go to the next place in Suchuan that needs the Lord of God.

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