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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 5 Recap

Shen Shen beat Tao Hong Po and Lu Liu Weng away, and asked Ao Laizi to hand over Lu Taichong’s two disciples. Ao Laizi resolutely refused to do it. The disciples also wanted to follow Ao Lai Zi. Shen Shen became angry and became angry, and protected the Danyang school. Ao Laizi is not afraid of the threat of the banner of the two people.

Qinghua brought Zhao Jing and others to stop it in time. Shen Shen and Zhao Jing were called brothers and brothers, and they described in detail how he beat the red and green willows. Zhao Wangzheng Ao Lai and the two disciples of the Danyang school went to Sanbai Villa , Ao Laizi flatly refused, Zhao Jing wanted to keep the two disciples of the Danyang School, they must follow Ao Laizi’s orders carefully, Zhao Jing no longer reluctantly, so farewell to Ao Lai Zi and his group.

Zhao Jing solemnly introduced Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing to Shen Shen. Shen Shen saw that Zhang Chengling was still alive and thanked them both. Zhao Jing hosted a banquet for Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing, and invited various schools of the Five Lakes League to accompany him. He also let the singers accompany the dancers to cheer up, and Wen Kexing exchanged cups with them.

Ao Laizi and his disciples ran to the site of Broken Sword Villa in one breath. Seeing that it was getting late, he suddenly saw Mu Yunge, the young owner of Broken Sword Villa, running all the way, shouting for help.

Mu Yunge asked Ao Laizi for help, repeatedly claiming that there was a female ghost chasing him, and the female ghost yelled from the air, calling Mu Yunge a lover. Before Ao Laizi could wake up, Mu Yunge was caught The female ghost took it away. Shen Shen kept persuading Zhang Chengling to drink with Jiujin, but Zhang Chengling didn’t know how to drink. Zhao Jing hurried over to relieve the siege and asked Yueyang’s disciple Song Huairen to take Shen Shen back to rest and send someone to send Zhang Chengling back to the room.

Wen Kexing and the people from the Five Lakes League talked about the wine. Zhao Jing helped him introduce the Huashan school leader Yu Qiufeng and his son Yu Tianjie. Wen Kexing greeted them with a greeting. Zhou Zishu disdaind this kind of entertainment and pretended to drink too much to hang out in the backyard. , I accidentally saw Yu Tianjie quietly coming to a secret room, and soon drove out a masked man in black. Two people chase me, Zhou Zishu watched the excitement.

After drinking for three rounds, there was a sudden noisy outside the villa. Zhao Jing immediately took people out to see what was going on. Zhou Zishu followed and found that Ao Laizi and two apprentices were killed and their bodies hanging on the tower of the villa, Zhao Jinghe Yu Qiufeng was so sad that he cut the rope and put them down, and found that they were killed by the happy ghost, one of the ten evil ghosts in Guigu.

Zhao Jing suddenly realized that the situation was not good, worried that happy ghosts would hit the west, he hurried to see Zhang Chengling, only to know that someone was robbing Zhang Chengling, thanks to Wen Kexing’s timely action, Zhang Chengling turned pale with fright, Zhao Jing hurried over to comfort him.

Mu Yunge was arrested by Liu Qianqiao, one of the top ten evil ghosts in Guigu. Mu Yunge was so frightened that he begged for mercy. Liu Qianqiao scolded him as a guilty man, and deliberately wore a faceless mask to scare Mu Yunge, Mu Yun Song was scared to death. Zhou Zishu came to appease Zhang Chengling, persuading him to stay in Sanbai Villa, and learn martial arts with Shen Shen, Gao Chong and Zhao Jing. Zhang Chengling cried heartily, and Zhou Zishu encouraged him not to cry.

Zhao Jing discovered that the door of the secret room was opened and the glass armor was stolen. Shen Shen complained that Zhao Jing was content with the status quo and neglected to take precautions. Once the people of Guigu gathered five glass armors, they could get the arsenal. Zhao Jing only wanted to be safe. Regrets that he has built an arsenal and wants to destroy all Liuli Jia, Shen Shen disagrees, so many people have died for the arsenal over the years.

Zhou Zishu saw the actions of Zhao Jing and Shen Shen from the cracks in the roof tiles, and then he knew the truth about Arsenal and Liulijia. He just wanted to leave and saw a figure lurking not far away, Zhou Zishu desperately pursued , It was discovered that the person was Wen Kexing, Zhou Zishu revealed that Yu Tianjie chased a masked black man in the secret room, and suspected that the masked man was the insider who stole Liulijia.

Zhou Zishu suddenly saw Yu Tianjie being tied to a tree branch by the hanged ghost’s soul-wrapping silk. Wen Kexing led Zhou Zishu to move forward. He saw Song Huairen die not far away. Zhou Zishu suspected that Song Huairen was a traitor, Wen The guest line felt that Yu Tianjie did not kill Song Huairen, and was still playing mystery in front of Zhou Zishu.

Zhou Zishu tracked him all the way to Zhao’s Yizhuang. Wen Kexing followed. They opened the gate of Yizhuang and were attacked by a hidden weapon. Zhou Zishu pulled Wen Kexing away in time and he was spared. Zhou Zishu continued to go inside. When I walked, I saw that the yard was erected high and filled with coffins, which made people feel more gloomy. Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing came to the main hall and saw three incense sticks in the incense burner. The two of them moved separately. Wen Kexing saw a man guarding the house from a distance. He hurried to say hello, only to realize that the other party was his father. , Wen Kexing was shocked immediately.

Zhou Zishu came to the yard and saw Qin Huaizhang bringing Qin Jiuxiao snowman. Qin Huaizhang approached him with a smile. Zhou Zishu realized that he had hallucinations and hurriedly cut his arm to wake him up. He drew his sword and stabbed him to take away the evil in front of him. The ghost was killed on the spot. Wen Kexing smirked at Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu knew that he had hallucinations, and hurriedly gave him a sip of the medicine. Wen Kexing felt that the medicine was too bitter, and wanted to go to his mother to complain. Before leaving, Wen Kexing shouted After Zhou Zishu’s real name came out, Zhou Zishu was shocked.

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