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The Blessed Girl 玲珑 Episode 37 Recap

Huo Tu Xin woke up from a coma with wounds all over, Wu Yuan on the side eagerly wanted to know how he was going, but Huo Tu Xin used a weak voice to tease that he could finally be written into the Pingting script, those streets and alleys. There is a copy of him in the book of words praising Weishengyan and Yinzhuang everywhere. The only serious thing he said was to tell Wu Yuan not to blame Yinzhuang, and Tang Qian led a doctor to come, and there was no doctor for Huohuo Xin Yao Shi, and the deadline was at most five days.

Tang Qian brought Wuyuan to see Yinzhuang again, and now seeing Yinzhuang Wuyuan has no feelings except for hating. Huo Tuxin broke her veins for her, but she is still in the mood to tell Wuyuan herself and Weisheng here. The news of Yan’s marriage. Linglong is not in Pingting, no one can fight the fire and Tu Xin, Yin Zhuang stopped Wu Yuan and told her all about her plan. When Wu Yuan came out again, Ju Qian was already there and waiting for her. This time there is probably no one in trouble. Can’t avoid it, but it has to be solved.

Weaving the fire, the Tongshan group has been killed and injured in the struggle with the earth fire. The dying person was healed by exquisite hands and immediately came back to life. Everyone couldn’t believe that this was the power of the god, Linglong and Yuanyi sat down together to tell the story of the god and king of Suchuan. Five hundred years ago and now, it was God and the king who loved each other and joined hands to bring peace in the prosperous age. At this time, the ground fire alarm sounded, indicating that the ground fire had changed, and the members of the Tongshan group immediately rushed to the flame-extinguishing wall.

Pingting, Weisheng Inkstone Mansion, where there are lights and festoons, gold and red are intertwined, the mansion dominated by water and blue on weekdays suddenly becomes bright red, silver makeup is sitting in front of the mirror with a wedding gown, but there is only one The small house is white, and Yinxiao’s corpse is parked there, and Lisha is beside it. In the happy room, when Yinzhuang pushed the crystal curtain out, in the mourning room, Lisha’s dagger was aimed at her heart, and the pain of bone-eating and heart-wrenching was eroding her bit by bit, combining the original with her body.

Taking out the phantom stone of Yi, the silver makeup and Weisheng inkstone on the other side walked to the front of the hall, and after three worships, they became married. Weisheng ink still couldn’t believe that he was actually married to Yinzhuang, which was better than the one made up by Baili. The dream is still good.

Li Sha woke up from the pain, exhausted, took the Yijing obtained from Weishengyan and melted it into her body, where the original wound was filled with spar and there was no blood and wounds, she really became A container for Yijing. When she put her hand on Yinxiao’s forehead, it was a breath of despair. She couldn’t feel the existence of Yinxiao. Yinxiao was dead, and she didn’t even leave a trace of it, even if she became Yi Jing was also helpless.

Wu Yuan stood by Huo Tuxin, Lisha stayed by Yin Xiao, Yinzhuang and Weisheng Yanxi had a drink, three places of sadness and despair, two floating on the surface, one was ready to go. Yinzhuang took the dagger and handed it to Weishengyan, using his mind to control him to stab him. There is nothing Weishengyan cares about in this world. Only silver makeup, how could he watch silver makeup being stabbed by himself?

To die, I lost my anger at all in my arms, and finally fell into my arms and became a dead person completely. This is Yinzhuang’s entire hatred of Weishengyan. Her brother, the people she likes, and she herself have been forced to this point by Weishengyan. This is the biggest retribution that Yinzhuang can do to him.

Weisheng Yan took the Helingshi from the silver makeup bracelet. In fact, he never broke his word on silver makeup. He Lingshi had long been secretly hidden in the bracelet. Yinzhuang used his mind to give the Helingshi to Wuyuan. This was the last thing she could do, and it was also the plan of meeting Wuyuan. Now that the wish is over, there is nothing worth her nostalgia, her death will be remembered by Weishengyan, and he will live in regret forever in the days to come, that’s enough.

Yinzhuang died, and the thought power that had been added to Weishengyan disappeared. Then he ran out frantically, panicking and not knowing who to look for. Li Sha took advantage of this time to come in, holding Yinzhuang’s hand, and possessing her memory. Be in love with her.

After Wu Yuan went back, she looked at Huo Tu Xin’s situation. Compared with trying to save Linglong’s heart, she couldn’t watch Huo Tu Xin die now. The He Lingshi was used on Huo Tu Xin first. At this time, Pingting was in a mess, and Weisheng Yan released all the market infants. He could also create the god master, and there was another god who could save the silver makeup. Ju Qian was chased by Xu Ying and fled all the way to Wu Yuan’s home. Wu Yuan settled down and faced these monsters. One or two was good enough to deal with, but the number increased. Wu Yuan couldn’t stand it. There was one Xu Ying Chong. She leaped, Huo Tu Xin locked it with an iron chain behind her back.

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