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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 20 Recap

Su Wenxing didn’t have the guts of his father, but he could only set off with his father to save people. Unexpectedly, his father refused to accompany the old man, and the two left Jiangning. After they came out, Su Wenxing knew his father’s true intentions. Su Zhongkan stole the draft pictures of their trip from the Genghu hospital room. He didn’t really want to save people, but just behaved. He planned to take a trip for himself and his son, and then go back to get it. A little embarrassed, there is hard work without credit.

Lou’s family is so rich, of course, they have been caught by thieves. They took the property of Lou’s family. Lou Shuwan was injured because of this. Lou Shuheng was shivering under the table and was found by thieves. He sent up the silver that was hidden in his hands. Qin Youxiang could not defy the imperial decree, so he could only let General Dong go south to regain Lin’an. At the same time, Ning Yi was treated well in the thieves’ den, except that he was always stared at and refused to let him go to the toilet. , Ning Yi was very helpless, and couldn’t get rid of the four men named “Murder for Life” around him.

In Fang Tianlei’s mansion, four brothers from the Academy of Men’s Virtue were arrested here. The four came from the Academy of Men’s Virtue. They were good at serving people in every way. It can be considered a way to make a living. The famous families in Lin’an City were all brought together, asking them to sign and press, and submit to them. Qian was unwilling to surrender. When he saw someone killed, Lou Shuheng was the first to jump out and surrender. The scene was uncontrollable. .

At this time, Ning Yi was still being watched, so that he couldn’t even sleep well, so he sat up to handle his official duties and arranged for the four brothers to do the most tiring and hardest work. The four of them walked away in unison. Sit down on a table not far away, but still keep his eyes on Ning Yi. In the long night, the four of the “killers pay for their lives” actually played gambling, Ning Yi walked up as if joining in the fun, started his empty gloved white wolf gambling, and actually won their money.

After that, Ning Yi returned all the money and asked them to call the brothers who came to patrol outside to play together. Four of them immediately hooked, and a group of people drank to cheer. They were all still drunk the next morning, so Ning Yi walked out of the room generously. , Ready to escape from the den of thieves. It’s just that he didn’t expect that he actually ran to Chen Fan’s house. Chen Fan personally took him back and forced him to correct the official document. The four of them “killed for life” were almost punished. They were even more rude to Ning Yi, like It was the guard who looked at him like a prisoner.

On the other side, Bao Wenhan recalled the scene where Liu Watermelon took Ning Yi away, and he became more angry. Seeing that no one was pleasing to the eye, he was enraged by the Holy Anglican, and he urged the Holy Anglican to kill all those who disobeyed them. Liu Watermelon was the first to stand up against him. Sheng Gong’s eyes were full of admiration. Liu Jiahua preached to Bao Wenhan. Bao Wenhan was so angry that he was about to do it in front of Sheng Gong. He was stopped by Sheng Gong. Although Fang Tianlei was the leader of the thief. However, he understood the importance of popular sentiment, so he ordered all murderers to be severely punished.

Bowen Han was scolded and wanted to let his subordinates kill when he went out and reminded them to be careful. After Bao Wenhan left, Fang Tianlei looked at Liu Watermelon kindly. Liu Watermelon was very dissatisfied. This way, Bao Wenhan was spared, but Fang Tianlei is now in need of employing people, so he should not severely punish Bao Wenhan and affect people’s hearts. Before leaving, Liu Watermelon was stopped by her aunt and wanted to take her to a blind date. Liu Watermelon hurriedly declined, and found an excuse to return to his camp.

When Liu Watermelon came to Ning Yi’s house, Ning Yi took the initiative to give them advice. The two were very surprised. The few opinions he put forward were very pertinent and some of their problems could be solved right now. Liu Watermelon was more satisfied with Ning Yi. Chen Fan was framed by Ning Yi on the side, saying that he had abused himself. Chen Fan had a hard time arguing, but he was not as talented as others. He was overwhelmed by Ning Yi, and Ning Yi wanted to leave the house in front of him, Liu Jiahua If he didn’t refuse, Chen Fan had nothing to say.

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