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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 1 Recap

There are rumors that 20 years ago, the great demon Rong Hyun was killed by the Five Lakes League and the hero of the world in Qingya Mountain. Before he died, he left an arsenal that would make people invincible overnight. If you want to open the arsenal, you must After finding the glazed armor, the various forces began to covet the treasures of the arsenal, and secretly searched for the glazed armor.

King Jin, who was far in the north, also began to move around. He secretly cultivated a large number of skylight eagle dogs to assassinate the important officials in the court. Zhenwu Jiedu made Master Li write to the court to impeach the king of Jin for an attempted rebellion, and the king of Jin sent Tianchuang leader Zhou Zishu to assassinate his family after hearing the news.

In the middle of the night, Jidu caused countless Kongming lanterns to float above the mansion. The guards in the mansion set arrows to knock one of the Kongming lanterns to the ground, and immediately ignited a raging fire. Three masked men in black fell from the sky in the chaos. Kill all the guards in the palace.

The Tsing Yi swordsman came to rescue Master Li. He fought with the man in black, and finally made a bloody road. He took Master Li’s hand and walked over the wall to escape from the roof. However, he was stopped by the masked Zhou Zishu and forced Master Li to hand over the secret letter. Tsing Yi Swordsman resolutely refused to do it. Two people fought in one place. In the shadow of the sword, they were inextricably fought. Tsing Yi Swordsman lifted the veil of the leader. Master Li discovered that the leader of the skylight was actually Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu didn’t listen at all, and killed Master Li on the spot with the knife and snatched all the secret letters.

Princess Zhou Zishu and the daughter of Jiedu’s daughter, Princess Jing’an, are senior brothers and sisters. Princess Jing’an is the lover of Zhou Zishuhao’s brother Zhou Jiuxiao. Zhou Zishu reported her father’s death to Princess Jingan. Princess Jing’an was very sad. Zhou Zishu watched She sent Zhou Jiuxiao’s body back to Siji Villa, and gave her a bottle of poison to sever herself, and Princess Jingan drank the poison with tears. Zhou Zishu witnessed the death of Princess Jing’an from the poison, holding the hairpin that Qin Jiuxiao had carved for her in his hand, with mixed feelings in his heart.

Zhou Zishu returned to King Jin. King Jin learned that Bi Changfeng had made a big mistake in overthrowing Jidushi and insisted on leaving the skylight. King Jin was angry and sent Zhou Zishu to execute his sentence on Bi Changfeng himself. Zhou Zishu returned to the empty Four Seasons Villa with mixed feelings. Ten years ago, he brought 81 brothers to Jinzhou. Now only he and Bi Changfeng are left. Bi Changfeng has always followed Zhou Zishu for many years. Gradually discovering the true face of King Jin, he persuaded Zhou Zishu not to continue to be King Jin’s running dog, and leave the skylight even if he was lying down as a useless person.

There is a rule in the skylight. Those who leave must be punished by the seven orifices and three autumn nails. When nails are nailed to different parts of the body, people will lose their tastelessness and become a useless person who can’t talk. Chang Fengqing was willing to accept the punishment of Qiqiao Sanqiu nails and leave. Zhou Zishu had to take out seven nails and nailed Bi Changfeng’s body. He resisted the pain and did not move. Zhou Zishu witnessed the tragic death of the brothers in Four Seasons Villa by his side. , He vomited blood in anxious heart and couldn’t afford to get sick.

King Jin was very dissatisfied when he learned that Zhou Zishu was in retreat and healed his wounds, so he sent Tianchuang commander to call him. In fact, Zhou Zishu was ready to leave the skylight a long time ago. He nailed a nail into his body every three months. Now he has nailed six. Although he can only have a life span of three years, he can make the five flavors disappear a little bit.

Martial arts can also retain 50%. Zhou Zishu came to see King Jin on time and revealed the torture of seven orifices and three autumn nails. He begged King Jin to nail the last nail. King Jin begged Zhou Zishu to stay and help him fight the world, but Zhou Zishu was determined. Wang was so angry that he threatened to advance into the Central Plains as emperor sooner or later.

The king of Jin asked Duan Pengju to nail Zhou Zishu the last nail and appointed him as the leader of the skylight. Duan Pengju finally got what he wanted, so naturally he couldn’t ask for it. After Zhou Zishu left the skylight, he put on the pre-made mask and wandered the rivers and lakes with a whole new look. There is a ghost valley in Qingya Mountain.

There are ten evil ghosts under the owner of the valley, and there are more than three thousand little ghosts. The hanged ghost stole the glazed armor of the valley owner and was chased by the little ghosts. He got away and was killed on the spot. dead. The owner of the valley ordered Qingchao to send out to find the hanged ghosts. If anyone finds the glazed armor, he will be the first of the ten evil ghosts.

Three months later, Zhou Zishu wandered to Yuezhou City, where people came and went, and it was very lively. Zhou Zishu leaned on the bridge to soak up the sun. Gu Xiang and Wen Kexing were drinking upstairs. Zhang Chengling, a member of the Jinghu School of the Five Lakes League, passed by. He asked his entourage to give Zhou Zishu money to Zhou Zishu.

Zhou Zishu refused. Gu Xiang was very curious and gave him a reward. Give Zhou Zishu a pot of wine, Zhou Zishu got up and drank it all, boasting that as long as the wine is not money, Gu Xiang thought he was cheating on the wine, so he beat him, Zhou Zishu dodged, and Gu Xiang took out his whip Wen Kexing came to stop him in time to kill him.

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