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Love Unexpected 不可思議的愛情 Episode 20 Recap

Kesiwei came to the wishing pool with a promise. This time he wanted to give his last wish to promise, but Zhou Yanxin had something to do to find the promise. He could only let Kesimei make a wish, and Kesiwei made a wish, hoping to make the promise regain his feelings. Ability. On the other hand, Zhou Yanxin handed over all the information he found to promise, including all the identities of Kesi: Linda’s daughter, a contestant of the Masked Swordswoman. Including Yun Zhu and Zhixiao, in the face of Zhou Yanxin who was angry, the promise was much calmer.

Zhou Yanxin’s mouth was a liar who tried his best to get close to the promise, but the promise still believed what his eyes saw, that kind and sincere Girl. He promised that he decided to forgive what he did, and he also hoped that Zhou Yanxin could conceal what the two had already known from Kesi, so as not to cause trouble to the final next week. Hearing the incredible shouts, he promised to say goodbye to Zhou Yanxin in a hurry and turned around to find Kesi. At this time, Dr. Qin called and asked Promise and Kesi to rush to the clinic as soon as possible…

Dr. Qin mentioned that the current overload of the treatment helmet caused an error in the last treatment, and promised that he would not be held accountable and would like to restart the final treatment with Kesi. So the two went to the treatment room again and put on their helmets. It was not long before the treatment started, and the current fluctuated again. Doctor Qin hurriedly adjusted the machine, but Kesi and Xu Xu couldn’t stand the severe pain, and quickly took off the helmet. Walking out of the laboratory, Xu and Kesi unexpectedly discovered that their sensations and pain sensations happened to return to their original positions in this accident: Kesi could feel pain again, and Xu could perceive emotions.

The perception finally returned, but both Kesi and Promise began to fear that the two people’s feelings for each other would be different. In the past, after the two of them complained to each other, they were relieved to confirm that their feelings were two-way, and there was no misunderstanding caused by feelings. . This time, I can finally relax my heart, promise and hug with strangely moved.

Wu Dong invited several shareholders of Hege to have a private discussion. Wu Dongde took this opportunity to instigate shareholders to use the shares he had already bought for sale as a reason to request shareholders to sign an agreement to remove the promise of Hege’s power and support Wu Dongde’s return. Waka…

Fighting, the girl ushered in the final day, Yun Zhu was warming up, Zhi Xiao came to the door, looked deeply at Yun Zhu, and hugged this figure tightly, Zhi Xiao thanked Yun Zhu for his help and support, Yun Zhu was shy He smiled and mentioned that if he wins this game, Hope Zhixiao can agree to a request. Zhixiao promised it without hesitation. Looking at Zhixiao’s firm face, Yun Zhu felt that his body was full at this time. power.

As the bell rang, Yun Zhu and the masked woman stepped on the arena together. With an order from the referee, Yun Zhu and Ke Siyi officially began a contest. Both the audience and the people before the live broadcast paid great attention to the game, including Li Da, Zhou Yanxin and promise. Zhou Yanxin was shocked when he discovered the excitement of the promise. Seeing the promise as weird and sad and happy, Zhou Yanxin’s expression was like seeing a miracle…

The game is going on enthusiastically, Yun Zhu and Ke Sibi hit the ground from the ground, both sides are working hard. At the end of the first round, both of them spent a lot of energy, but when the bell rang again, the two of them still devoted themselves to the game. At the last moment, Kesi hit Yun Zhu’s face with a punch, winning the game by one point. Everyone burst into cheers, but Yun Zhu froze helplessly, unable to accept the fact that he had lost the game.

Looking at the members of the Crazy Tigers team, Kesi was very excited, but at the urging of everyone, Kesi finally took off his mask and generously introduced himself as a member of the Crazy Tigers to the media. Looking at the camera, his daughter finally With a happy smile, Li Da couldn’t hide his excitement. He looked at the wonder with relief, his chest filled with pride. Ke Si Wei continued to apologize to the promise before the microphone.

In order to endure the humiliation of the mad tiger, now he wins the game with integrity and does not regret his decision. He promised to look at Kesi with tears in her eyes, and was also happy for Kesi to realize her dream. But at this time, the secretary suddenly broke in and said that Wu Dongde had brought someone to Waka. Before the voice was over, Wu Dongde brought a lot of reporters from all the shareholders into the promised office. He promised to know that the visitor was not good. Who knew Wu Dongde took out at this time.

After signing the agreement signed by the shareholders, the promise was forced on the spot. The promise was to persuade Wu Dongde to leave with the ten-day handover time limit. At this time, Wu Dongde, who was overwhelmed by himself, simply exposed the incredible spy identity to his face and laughed at the wrong vision of promise, so that he was played by a woman.

Hearing Wu Dongde’s slander on Wu Dongde, he promised to ignore the spotlight and grabbed Wu Dongde’s collar, while Wu Dongde quietly said in the ear of promise that if he did not surrender, he would retaliate against Wu Dongde. Even the parents who promised to have died were mentioned as a threat. Seeing the news, Lin Wen and Ke Siyi hurried to Waka by car. The Wuyang crowd was already crowded with Waka. Kesi hurried upstairs from the underground garage, but was stunned by Wu Dongde’s men.

Wu Dongde finally left, but Lin Wen, who arrived late, said that he couldn’t get in touch at all. It was only then that he really panicked Promise. Everyone hurriedly called out the surveillance and saw Kesi rushed into the underground garage, but the key camera failed, and nothing could be seen at all. After promising to find out the location of the camera, they hurried to find no results, and suddenly there was a sudden rush.

The brakes sounded, and promised to watch a suspicious black car drive away, and turned around to find that Kesi was placed in that parking space. Zhou Yanxin hurriedly ran to pick up the car, promised to hug it with worry, and then took it with his own hands, the memory flashed through his mind again, the promised heart was ups and downs, but the only certainty was that he only wanted to protect his arms wholeheartedly. The incredible.

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