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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 16 Recap

Erfang pulled Ning Yi aside and prepared to offer him mosquito repellent cream. He did nothing to show his courtesy. Ning Yi guessed that they wanted something. It was originally from Ning Yi’s closure of Su’s cloth line. The father and son stayed at home, and now they want Ning Yi to find something to do for them. Ning Yi immediately refused them. The Erfang father and son hurriedly pulled him back, begging in a low voice until they were tired. Ning Yi thought about asking them to go to Nie Yunzhu to find work.

Su Tan’er was very reluctant to go out for the first time. Although her father did not go out to see him off, he still asked his subordinates to give Su Tan’er a kit. After he left, Su Tan’er took out the contents. It was when she was a child. As for the scissors for cutting fabrics, Father Su still approves of his daughter very much.

Qin Youxiang peaches and plums all over the world, and the matter of going north after the upper dynasty is also imminent. Taishi He is not in a hurry, but the people around him are impatient. The emperor asks him to give oral instructions. He who has not had the upper dynasty for many years actually agreed. He also asked someone to bring a snack to the emperor, and the emperor gave it to his subordinates directly after a few glances.

After Ning Yi left, the father and son of the second room came to Nie Yunzhu’s restaurant. They actually made the two of them be door gods. Su Zhongkan had no opinion, claiming that it was Ning Yi’s test for them, flicking Su Wenxing to work hard together. Geng Huyuan took the three people all the way to follow their own map, but did not find the sour plum soup they had remembered. They could only continue on their way. At the same time, a knight named Chen Fan stopped four farmers in the suburbs of Lin’an. , Asked his men to change into their outfits and pretend to be on the way, and found a sedan chair to sit on.

Ning Yi and Su Tan’er wanted to find Ziluohai all the way to the east, but at the end they knew that this map was all from the perspective of Genghuyuan’s General Survey of Mountains and Seas. They were completely disappointed with the guide of Genghuyuan and decided to go straight Go to Lin’an. They arrived in Lin’an at night, but the gate of Lin’an was closed. They could only go to a house outside the city to spend the night. This family only had one small room. So Ning Yi let Su Tan’er and Xiaochan sleep together, and Genghuyuan was laying on the ground outside.

The indecent sleeping posture at Genghuyuan made Ning Yi no desire to sleep. Seeing that he was not sleeping, Genghuyuan also got up. He wrote this script for himself, but because of insufficient experience, he couldn’t write it. At this moment, they heard the sound of fighting in the forest. Ning Yi stayed behind in Genghuyuan and followed up secretly by himself. Sure enough, they saw a group of people fighting in groups. They were still the kind of real swords and guns. Ning Yi passed by. When I saw a little girl eating watermelon on a tree, I wanted her to leave as soon as possible, but the little girl disappeared when he turned his head.

Ning Yi didn’t care about where the little girl went, so he took out his own firecrackers and shot at the big tree. The shocking sound stopped everyone’s movements, and the bandit-like group of people questioned Ning Yi. Name, Ning Yi reported Wu Qihao’s name without hesitation. The bandits were afraid of the firecrackers in his hand, and they hesitated for a moment to retreat. The general next to Ning Yi was Yuan Dingqi, a lieutenant of the Wude camp. It was the Greenwood bandit who had just attacked them. General Yuan thanked him for his life saving grace He left the scene.

Above the court, Taishi He finally came to the court and wanted to impeach you, Qin Siyuan, on the grounds that Qin Xiang built a gunpowder storehouse privately to deceive the monarch, but the emperor had not yet started to convict him.

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