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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 47 End Recap

Lin Rui threatened to surrender if an account is less than the sum of Tan Weilun and Fang within ten minutes. Lei Ya and Alan naturally stand by their side. Tan Weilun also proposed that Lin Rui’s traffic anchor recommends more than SW products. This is obviously for Reya also thinks this is ridiculous for his opponent to seek welfare. Lin Rui explained that SW is the biggest beneficiary. Alan proposed to hand over the plan to the Chinese region for implementation.

Reya did not trust the Chinese region, and the two almost quarreled. Lin Rui hurriedly prevented the two from quarreling, and told Daniel, who was far away in France, about her idea that she wanted to make Dingding APP the largest beauty platform in China and own it. Alan once told Lin Rui not to disclose the final plan, and must wait until next year, which will become his biggest magic weapon to defeat Reya.

Lin Rui didn’t agree, and directly stated his own idea, and Alan’s face gradually became hard to look. If Lin Rui’s plan can succeed, what SW won is not one city, one pool, but all the beauty in the world. Reya strongly opposed, and Alan agreed. Meng Fan received an e-mail from Daniel. He thought that Lin Rui’s idea was very creative. After discussion, he decided to appoint Lin Rui as the president of China. Lin Rui cried with joy.

Her biggest dream since entering the industry has finally come true at this moment. She is the only native Chinese in this position. She broke this ceiling. However, Lin Rui suddenly decided to resign. This decision shocked everyone present. Lin Rui said that Chinese people are not only labor, but also a huge market. They are the smartest people who can create markets. Lin Rui did this not for her own sake, but to make the Chinese employees hope that she can do it, and everyone can do it too!

Leaving SW was an extremely difficult decision, but Lin Rui understood that she needed a new start. After Lin Rui said everything in tears, Jin Xiaobei outside the office was very moved. The next day, Lin Rui got up and found that Jin Xiaobei posted a wall of photos to celebrate his success, but the photos were a bit ugly. Jin Xiaobei took out the diamond ring again to propose to Lin Rui, but Lin Rui said that she wanted to do a very important thing first.

Wen Zhe told Zhang Xiaoyu about Lin Rui’s resignation, and persuaded her to talk to Lin Rui, after all, they both had the same illness as a teacher and apprentice. Wen Zhe asked Zhang Xiaoyu if he had a client to go to Europe to inquire about the liar, and he could obviously ask him for help. But Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t want to owe Wen Zhe favors, nor did he need him to find a job for herself.

Lin Rui went to see Jin Mu, hoping that she could formally communicate with Jin Xiaobei by herself, and also produced a document stating that if she and Jin Xiaobei get married, they will do the property notarization first, and the Jin family’s Money has nothing to do with her. Jin Mu still disagreed. Lin Rui knew that she was worried that she was still a strong woman when she was old, but her age could not be changed. Lin Rui was not a strong woman in front of Jin Xiaobei because he was better than herself.

Lin Rui showed the utmost sincerity, hoping to receive the blessings of Golden Mother and Golden Father, but she will not leave Jin Xiaobei. Lin Rui grew up in an incomplete family, and Jin Xiaobei’s warmth made her feel that she could always be an angel. Jin Mu inevitably was moved and agreed, because she saw the changes in Jin Xiaobei and Lin Rui together.

When Lin Rui returned home, Jin Xiaobei was still sulking, but Lin Rui started looking for a ring, saying that she was asking for marriage. Jin Xiaobei was stupid and didn’t understand what Lin Rui did just now. Lin Rui told the truth that she had gone to the Jin’s house. She used to be embarrassed by her ridiculous inferiority complex because she was afraid of not handling her relationship with Golden Mother, but now she can.

Jin Xiaobei was a little touched. He didn’t know where he took the ring out. He was about to propose, but was interrupted by Daniel’s call. Lin Rui hurried out after making the phone call and putting the ring on her hand. Jin Xiaobei pretended to be angry but couldn’t help laughing.

Daniel made a special trip to China to meet Lin Rui. He hoped that Lin Rui would return to SW. Her plan made Daniel see her talents. The speech she resigned made her see the future of SW. Lin Rui does not mean to look back. The endless competition and visible and invisible discrimination will make Lin Rui feel that even if he sits as the president of the Asia-Pacific region, he is unhappy. What they need is true respect. Daniel still hopes that Lin Rui can come back and make SW better together. Lin Rui smiled and shook hands with him, thanking him for trusting him.

Dong Xinran and Mao Xiaofeng will have their wedding next month, and Zhang Xiaoyu is very happy for them. Fang Jing recommended Zhang Xiaoyu to go to the Tianlan family in Japan, and interview in Shanghai tomorrow, but Zhang Xiaoyu wants to study abroad, of course Dong Xinran supports it, but persuading her to attend the interview tomorrow, after all, Fang Jing’s good job Hard work. Mao Xiaofeng said that Dante would also return to Beijing, and the smile on Zhang Xiaoyu’s face suddenly disappeared.

When Dante wondered whether to call Zhang Xiaoyu, he called. The two were leaving. Zhang Xiaoyu asked him to have a crayfish tomorrow. The next day, Fang Jing told Zhang Xiaoyu that the interview was pushed to six o’clock in the evening. Zhang Xiaoyu quickly called Dante to postpone it, but couldn’t make the call.

After finally getting through, Dante gasped and said that the police were catching him, and Zhang Xiaoyu was puzzled. Dante ran over and gave Zhang Xiaoyu a document. He hacked Selena’s mailbox and found the fake Li Kesi’s address, so the police found it. Zhang Xiaoyu was anxious, but Dante smiled and said that he hadn’t cherished her before, so don’t know when to meet again this time. Dante was about to surrender when he finished speaking, and Zhang Xiaoyu cried and kissed him.

Because of the minor plot, Dante was released in a few days, but he was still unjustly wronged. After all, Wen Zhe had found the fake Li Kesi, and Dante was totally unnecessary. Wen Zhe also accepted his fate. Zhang Xiaoyu still liked Dante. Zhang Xiaoyu said that when Dante came out, he would invite him to dinner. Zhang Xiaoyu once again returned to SW, and submitted her resume to be Lin Rui’s assistant.

A year ago, she officially came to the place where the dream started, and returned to Lin Rui a year later, waiting for her to accompany Lin Rui through this difficult One year, they will go to school again and again. They will do a good job in China and show the foreigners in the headquarters the miracle of China.

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