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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 43 Recap

Jin Xiaobei took out a diamond ring and put it in Lin Rui’s hand. He wanted to give it to Lin Rui at the restaurant, but the environment was really awkward. Jin Xiaobei asked Lin Rui to try it on, but Lin Rui found a hundred reasons to refuse. She felt that Jin Xiaobei was a little angry, but she was reluctant to lose her temper. The next morning, Lin Rui invited Meng Fan to come for morning tea, showed him his plan, and told him that Zhang Xiaoyu knew that Fang Jing had also talked about it, but because of insufficient capital investment, the negotiation was not completed, so Lin Rui Need Meng Fan’s support.

Zhang Xiaoyu went to the mall to buy gifts for Cai Cai’s children and met Wen Zhe. Wen Zhe asked her to choose a few suits with her, and Zhang Xiaoyu happily agreed. Zhang Xiaoyu also bought one, saying it was for her future boyfriend. Wen Zhe wanted to invite Zhang Xiaoyu to dinner, and said that she should worry about her image not always resembling a college student, so the two went to the women’s clothing store again.

Zhang Xiaoyu made an appointment with Dong Xinran for dinner, and wanted Wen Zhe to take a drink together, but met Dante in person. Dante congratulated them sarcastically, whoever has the will, the thing will happen, and his words hurt. Zhang Xiaoyu’s smile froze, angrily said that he would no longer like Dante, and then took Wen Zhe’s arm.

Dante was a little sad, but he spent all his time trying to help Zhang Xiaoyu, staying in Shanghai like a fool. Dante left a word to warn Wen Zhe not to bully Zhang Xiaoyu, and Zhang Xiaoyu turned her back to wipe her tears. Wen Zhe knew that she had not let go of Dante, otherwise she would not anger him and deliberately stimulate him. Wen Zhe is just a shield, but the shield also has his own feelings. Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t want to say this, and hurriedly left with his clothes.

Dante was called by Dong Xinran. Today I also wanted to confess to Zhang Xiaoyu, saying that Dante wanted to start again with her and didn’t know what to do. He could only go to drink with Mao Xiaofeng in two or three days. Dong Xinran also knew Zhang Xiao. Yu will no longer accept Dante, and simply let him give up. The night that Dante and the net red face were dating was the saddest night for Zhang Xiaoyu, so she would never ask for Dante again.

Dong Xinran said that he wanted to take refuge in Zhang Xiaoyu, but Ling Xiaoxiao forced her to leave and she had to leave. She was her immediate superior. Zhang Xiaoyu could only agree. Dong Xinran said that he would bring a gift to Zhang Xiaoyu and Fang Jing, and Zhang Xiaoyu quickly asked her not to come blindly.

Dong Xinran contacted many people and hoped that they would go to L&D with him, and many people agreed. Lin Rui called Ling Xiaoxiao and told her that she had a good sales plan to change jobs, and that Dong Xinran was not the only one. No matter who they were before, they are now SW. I hope Ling Xiaoxiao can get it done today.

Ling Xiaoxiao went to find Dong Xinran and several people, took out the banned competition contract they signed at the beginning, and apologized to them that his method was inappropriate, and promised that from today onwards, there is no one or two, only SW . Lin Rui went to talk about Dingding’s Dingding project. Bingbing immediately refused when she saw that she wanted to buy a stake. Lin Rui said that the stake was to help them grow bigger.

She thoroughly studied Dingding and Lin Rui came up with a plan to persuade them. She thinks it over carefully. Lin Rui confidently said that the phone would come when she got in the car. He didn’t expect that Dingding’s phone would come right after she got downstairs and asked her if she had any additional conditions, and then he readily agreed to the contract.

When Zhang Xiaoyu and Dong Xinran met, they were sorry. Zhang Xiaoyu’s boss, Selena, did not agree to her coming. The personnel rights are in the hands of the Asia Pacific region. Zhang Xiaoyu also guessed that SW would not let Dong Xinran go. Tan Weilun told Ling Xiaoxiao that Lin Rui would surrender to Meng Fan, but things are not that simple.

Dong Xinran seemed to be pregnant. Zhang Xiaoyu was very happy. At this time, she received a call from Fang Jing to ask her to check the email and then hurried back to the company. The new version of Dingding sold 100 million in one hour, SW sales ranked first, but L&D fell out of the top ten.

Lin Rui had spent a lot of money in warehousing all over the country in order to become a direct business. Meng Fan thought she had other intentions, and Lin Rui calmly handled it. In fact, Lin Rui and Ding Ding had long discussed that they would cooperate with Ding Ding. When Lin Rui was about to leave, Meng Fan called Tan Weilun in, saying that it would be more appropriate for Ding Ding to be managed by Tan Weilun. Rui doesn’t matter anymore.

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