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Douluo Continent 斗罗大陆 Episode 40 End Recap

Today is the day of the finals. Bibidong came to supervise the battle in person. The seven monsters of Shilanke Academy swore together. They were united and determined to win.

The martial soul hall team was led by the captain Xie Yue. Qian Yuxue were the main players, and the other four people were temporarily gathered. At the beginning of the game, the seven monsters of Shilanke launched the martial soul together.

Xie Yue sent four alternative players to fight against him. Tang San and others easily knocked the four people to the ground. Xie Yue was unmoved and kicked the four people away with one foot, threatening to defeat Tang San and his five people first, and then deal with the two auxiliary departments of Ou Sike and Ning Rongrong. Soul master.

At the order of Tang San, the seven monsters of Shi Lanke went to the battle together. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhu Qing fought against Qian Yuxue respectively. The four people fought fiercely. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing cooperated closely and launched a fight with their opponents.

The evil moon threw out his weapon – the moon attacked Tang San, Tang San flew up and down, cleverly avoiding the sharp moon, evil moon. Tang San was surprised to show the strength of his five soul rings, but he was not afraid and fought with the evil moon.

Xie Yue pushed against Tang San step by step and attracted him. Yue Yue Yue flew up and down in front of Tang San and around. Tang San was cut off his neck without paying attention. Ning Rongrong and Ou Sike stood up to cover Tang San.

They tried their best to fight against Xie Yue. Ma Hongjun summoned his martial soul to cooperate with them to fight against Xie Yue, and Xie Yue quickly recovered Yue. Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s martial souls combined to drive the arrogant enchant for the stage. enchantment was unwilling. Ju Douluo announced that he was defeated and out of the game.

Liu Erlong was overjoyed and couldn’t help hugging Yu Xiaogang’s arm tightly, and Bibidong looked at it all in his eyes. Next is Qianyuxue and Xieyue vs. Shilanke Seven Monsters. Xieyue locked the target of Tang San. Tang San was knocked to the ground.

The others fought against Qianyuxue together. Qianyuxue was surrounded by a group. Xieyue threw out the moon to relieve her. Seeing that the moon was about to cut Xiaowu. Tang San loudly reminded her to teleport, and Xiaowu moved instantly to avoid a disaster. Qian Yuxue was not in love at all, and she took the initiative to step down and admit defeat.

Xie Yue didn’t care at all. He boasted that he was the only one in the martial soul hall team. Qian Yixue and Yi were all counted. Xie Yue used the most powerful three soul rings to the Yue Yue. Yue Yi hovered overhead of the members of the Shilanke Academy team. Tang San, Xiaowu, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhu Zhuqing tried their best to dodge. Tang San ordered Ou Sike and Ning Rongrong to end. In case they were cut, they had to step down.

The evil moon summoned the moon to cut to Dai Mubai. Tang San used the spider’s foot to protect Dai Mubai. As a result, the spider’s feet were cut off one by the moon. Tang San summoned Haotian hammer to hit the evil moon. The evil moon came out of three souls to fight against each other.

Xiaowu kicked the evil moon’s face when he was unprepared. He was unprepared and kicked off the stage with one foot. Judouluo announced Shi Lanke Academy. After winning the victory, the seven monsters of Slanke came to the stage hand in hand to receive the award, and the evil moon slipped away.

Bibidong personally ended up to present the championship. She brought up the soul bone, and the ghost Douluo suddenly appeared. He ordered several titles that were ambushed beside him to assassinate Bibidong. As a result, they were all controlled. Bibidong had already made a careful deployment, waiting for Guidouluo and his companions to take the hook. Guidouluo took the banner of justice.

To avenge Qianxun’s disease, Bibidong admitted to killing Qianxun’s disease. She had long known that Guidouluo had set up Canghui Academy, and also contacted the soul beasts of Xingdou Forest, as well as several titles Douluo. Bibidong wanted to wait for him to gather all of them and then catch them all.

Ghost Douluo thought that his martial soul had no entity, and Bibidong could do nothing about him. Unexpectedly, Bibidong banned him from using martial soul, and also knocked down several titles of Douluo to the ground. Guidouluo immediately collapsed. Bibidong asked Judouluo to share the soul bones among the students of Shilanke Academy, except Xiaowu. Bibidong arrested Xiaowu. Tang San and others rushed up to save her. They were all controlled by Bibidong and couldn’t move. Tang San was so angry that he gritted his teeth and argued with Bibidong.

Bibidong made it clear that Xiaowu was not a soul master at all, but a rabbit who had been incarnated as a human form for 100,000 years. Tang San didn’t care at all. He didn’t care that Xiaowu was a soul beast. He only knew that Xiaowu was his favorite person.

He was willing to be with her for life. Bibidong killed Tang San. Tang Hao appeared in time to save Tang San. Bibidong Unconvinced, he showed the nine soul rings to fight against Tang Hao. Tang Hao summoned Haotian Hammer to knock Bibidong to the ground.

Xiaowu took Tang San, who was seriously injured and unconscious. Tang Hao reminded Xiaowu to think about it out that human beings and soul beasts could not coexist peacefully. Their road together would be very difficult. Xiaowu was ready to endure hardships. Tang Hao was very relicated. Tang San’s mother was also a soul beast for 100,000 years. He did not want Tang San to repeat the same mistake, but Xiaowu Tang Hao is no longer reluctant to make up his mind.

Xiaowu remembered that she and Tang San realized the past scenes now, and their hearts were mixed. Xiaowu gently kissed Tang San. Tang San shed moved tears in a coma. The tears fell to the ground, and the blue silver grass suddenly appeared on the ground for a long time. Tang San woke up in Xiaowu’s thousands of calls.

The end


  1. I actually had mixed feelings about the end. Bi Bi Dong and Tang Hao’s battle didn’t seem to have much impact, which is a bummer considering how it could’ve been an epic match between 2 Soul Master w/ 9 soul rings. It was a fine ending though – definitely had lots of room for a potential 2nd season.

    Nice summary!


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