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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 38 End Recap

The separation is for the next better encounter, and the difficulty is for us to be better. Luo Zhi believes that in the near future, Sheng Huainan will return to her and become a better each other. In the graduation anniversary, everyone ends their youth in the photo. The graduation cap that was thrown into the sky is like the self in the past, although he left to fly higher.

Luo Zhi has become a lawyer who can be alone and defeated Gu Zhiye in a case. And Sheng Huainan and Zhang Mingrui are also going to repair the computer together. They established the Southern Cross Maintenance Company. Although it is only the initial stage, they are confident that they can conquer the venture capital meeting at night.

The aunt of Sheng Huainan, regardless of previous suspicions, took the initiative to help the Sheng family and shouldered all the debts, so that Sheng Huainan could have a chance to breathe and work hard. Sheng Huainan refused the opportunity to go to a foreign country to continue his studies and chose to start from scratch in China. Maybe this would be difficult, but this was the only happiness he could give Luo Zhi.

In the past, Sheng Huainan designed an anti-lost app for Luo Zhi when funds and resources were scarce, but this time they continued this research again. The Sheng Huainan team made a guardian bracelet, which can help every family guard the sick elderly and children and check their health.

In the end, the Sheng Huainan team came to the fore and became the winner of the Venture Capital Association. When they were excited, suddenly a primary school girl stood up like Zhang Mingrui and confessed that she didn’t just like the bright and beautiful Zhang Mingrui in a suit, but also the unruly and informal Zhang Mingrui who was once wanton.

Luo Zhi’s work has entered a new stage, with better working resources, and Sheng Huainan is also continuing to work hard to complete the guardian bracelet. Although they don’t live together, they are working hard for each other at the same time, and they have a tacit understanding where they can’t see each other.

Jiang Baili turned her secret love and rough feelings into a spiritual world, wrote a novel, and became the best-selling young writer. Gobi and Chen Mohan have broken up and are studying abroad. He still did not choose to give up Jiang Baili. He would send messages saying hello every day like three meals a day.

Jiang Baili, who used to be a softhearted saint, has now successfully transformed. Faced with Gobi’s constant pursuit, her heart has become more and more calm. Jiang Baili no longer affects her heart for the Gobi, and even less and less wants to restore contact. Perhaps maintaining the status quo is the best result.

Today is the day when Luo Zhi returned to Zhenhua High School to give a speech. She believes that the environment can affect people, but it cannot affect people’s hearts. She believes that beauty requires persistence. Even after five years of separation, Luo Zhi always felt that Sheng Huainan was by her side and had never left.

They have met many times in the crowd, but in the end they passed by, and they didn’t find each other’s existence, but this did not prevent them from waiting for each other. The love between them will not be changed by the environment and loneliness. If they cannot be together, they would rather choose to be alone.

Everyone who returned to Zhenhua to give a speech would leave his name on the red notebook, and when Luo Zhi left his name on it, a handwritten word of Sheng Huainan suddenly appeared next to him. When they met again, Sheng Huainan was ready to protect Luo Zhi. They felt the reunion in the sunshine, and everything seemed like yesterday.

Both the feelings and the people seem to have changed, but they have not been changed. Tangerine grows from Huaibei to orange, and orange grows from Huainan is orange. Even though orange is better than orange, orange belongs to Huainan only.

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