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Sweet Life 甜蜜 Episode 5 Recap

Ever since Wan Baiqian ate closed doors last time, when he went to ask for the bill, he discovered that the villa had changed owners. Since Tian Mi could not be found, Wan Baiqian asked his subordinates to harass the contacts in Tian Mi’s address book, ranging from dozens to hundreds. In the end, Tian Mi was overwhelmed and took the initiative to call him to meet.

Faced with thousands of shameless acts, Tian Mi still maintains the same attitude as before, claiming that she can repay debts, but she will never repay usury. Thousands of thousands believed that they had grasped Tian Mi’s lifeline, so he was not in a hurry to ask for money, but said that he would continue to harass people in his address book, from his girlfriends to his family, including Tian Mi’s parents. Hearing the name in thousands of mouths, Tian Mi’s face changed drastically, and she had to sign an agreement, promising to return two million principal and interest, but she firmly refused to accept the illegal high amount.

Yu Yangyang approached Mr. Chen and persuaded him to conceal Mr. Zhou’s project from the headquarters, and then claimed that some of the Zhou Group’s funds were suspected of money laundering, and therefore rejected Mr. Zhou’s family office plan. Chang Sheng was kept in the dark, and only found something strange, and even doubted Yang Yang’s statement.

However, there is no room for reversal on this matter. Chang Sheng visited Mr. Zhou and told the truth about the cause and consequence. Even if the project failed to complete, Mr. Zhou still had no intention of blaming him. He understood his daughter’s habits and knew that she was the cause of it. As for whether Shengbang Trust participated in the project, it is not known there.

Regarding Mr. Zhou’s speculation, Chang Sheng returned home with a heavy heart, and couldn’t help but continue to ask, but he found that the culprit was Yu Yangyang. Unexpectedly, Yu Yangyang generously admitted that she and Zhou Shili had reached an underground deal without realizing her own mistakes. Chang Sheng’s persuasion was unsuccessful, and the two quarreled again.

Zhao Kang coveted Tian Mi’s beauty. He actually came to the apartment to pretend to be concerned, especially when he learned that Tian Mi was delivering her resume to find a job, so he took the opportunity to propose the idea of ​​fostering and forcing her to be her mistress. Tian Mi refused with shame and angrily, and decisively packed her luggage and moved out of the apartment. Now she has nowhere to go, so she has to ask Li Meng for help.

Upon learning of Zhao Kang’s shameless behavior, Li Meng froze, and then talked about Zhao Kang’s beating before, regretting not having time to explain clearly to Tian Mi, causing her to suffer the same grievance. Tian Mi did not have a place to live, so Li Meng took her to move into the shared house. At this time, the shared roommate Gou Er was a standard data man, rational and demanding, and asked Li Meng to strictly abide by the terms of the joint tenancy to let Tian Mi leave. As a result, Li Meng turned against him. Lies that Tian Mi is her new co-tenant.

Because Yu Yangyang has been blinded by money, he refuses to rein in the precipice, Chang Sheng left home angrily, and came to the bar alone and got drunk. The bar owner called Tian Mi through Changsheng’s cell phone and told her to pick up people. Originally, Tian Mi didn’t want to go there, but at Li Meng’s suggestion, she simply came to the bar to discuss the night with the boss. They stayed and looked after the shop. Unconscious and often wins.

Yu Yangyang couldn’t contact Chang Sheng, so he simply called Cai Dongmei, hoping she could come forward to help. While Li Meng and Tian Mi were drinking and chatting, Chang Sheng’s cell phone suddenly rang. Li Meng ignored Tian Mi’s obstruction and resolutely answered the call. After learning that the other party was Chang Sheng’s mother, he informed each other of the address.

After hanging up the phone, Cai Dongmei was puzzled, wondering why his son was in the bar in the middle of the night and his daughter-in-law called her aunt before hanging up. Chang Zilong thinks that Cai Dongmei has auditory hallucinations, but Cai Dongmei is dubious.

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