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Young Miss Bad Intentions

Young Miss Bad Intentions
Other names: Da Xiaojie Neng You She Me Huai Xinyan Ne, Dà Xiǎojiě Néng Yǒu Shé Me Huài Xīnyǎn Ne, The Eldest Lady Doesn’t Mean Any Harm, What Bad Intentions Can the Eldest Miss Have?, What Evil Schemes Can the Eldest Lady Plan?, Young Miss Bad Intentions, 大小姐能有什么坏心眼呢
Author: N/A
Genre: Novel, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


After planning for many years, the vengeful daughter Tong Yue, who returned domineeringly, is determined to make everyone who abused her, pay the price. But when she wanted to take revenge on her enemies, the domineering president, Han Tian Lin, unexpectedly appeared and interrupted her plans. As for how to deal with this lover who had been blackmailed by herself, Tong Yue said that it would be easy to deal with him.


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