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My Eyes Are Full of You – 眼里余光都是你

My Eyes Are Full of You
Other Title: 眼里余光都是你, Yan Li Yu Guang Dou Shi Ni

Genres: drama, Comedy, Romance
Lan Zhiwei
Francis Nam
Release Date: 
Related Show:
Adapted from the novel “Ta Ni Guang Er Lai” by Zuo Tong.


  • Rain Wang as Jiang Li Li
  • Luo Zheng as Bi Xiao Ran
  • Koss Zhao
  • Su Xiao Ding
  • Wang Yi Tian

It This drama is adapted from the youth novel “He Came Against the Light” by the best-selling author Zuo Tong. It tells the story of Jiang Lili, the “waste chai” who was forced to pretend to be twin sisters because of an accident, experiencing the extreme contrast between the gold medal producer’s sister and herself. After life, gradually become a better self and harvest love story.

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