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I Became Cao Ang in the Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms I actually became Cao Ang (Novel)
Other Name: 三国之我竟成了曹昂

Genre: novel, History
Author: Lazy Autumn Has No Shadow
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Liu Yun wakes up Later, I found myself crossing into Cao Ang, a famous figure in history, and he was now in Wancheng, where he was about to die. Just when he felt desperate because of his inability to reverse the situation, the system awakened and received the power of the overlord. With the help of the system, he had supernatural power and was invincible. He won a great victory in the war. Not only did he bring General Zhao Yun under his command, Two beautiful girls, big and small, were also included in the bag.

Free Reading Highlights:
“Father, although the Tiger and Leopard Cavalry did not come, I have a way to restrain Zhang Xiu. Recently I have practiced a formation that can specifically restrain the cavalry. I heard that this time Yuan Shu went out of the city and the cavalry was the most, with more than 50,000.”

“How to restrain the cavalry?” Cao Cao was delighted, knowing that at present, only archers can restrain the cavalry. Of course, on the plains, the effect of archers is naturally very small.

Most of the infantry he brought with him were almost incomparable to infantry and cavalry.

Now that Cao Ang proposes to restrain the cavalry formation, he is naturally happy.

“Okay, let you be a pioneer.”

Cao Cao made an exception to let the opponent be the vanguard.

In fact, he was also very hesitant.

The opponent is his beloved son, and he has been so charged so that he will inevitably worry.

Xun Yu subconsciously said: “Lord, Cao Ang is the lord’s beloved son, and the striker is so dangerous, please consider it.”

“Anger, why don’t you sit in the center so that you can control the army?”

Cao Cao had forgotten this idea, and Cao Ang brought him more and more surprises.

And with so many generals under his hand, he can let others be the vanguard.

“Father, there is no father and son on the battlefield. If I have been sitting in the battlefield, wouldn’t it make people laugh at the incompetence of my father’s son?” Cao Ang said with a cold expression.

After Cao Cao heard the words, he immediately patted his thigh: “Okay, then you and Dianwei are the pioneers.”


After Cao Ang heard this, he clasped his fists.

Dianwei is Cao Cao’s best general. In order to protect Cao Ang, he decided to let Dianwei protect the opponent.

“Father, I can break through Ji Ling’s 70,000 army with only 50,000 orders.”

Cao Ang spoke suddenly.

“No, this is too risky.”

Cao Cao was taken aback. The fifty thousand army fought the seventy thousand army. It was too risky to look at it.

“Father, the remaining fifty thousand army has another purpose. It is to ambush Ji Ling’s defeated army, so that Ji Ling’s defeated army has nowhere to go. Father can order a general to surround Shouchun.” Cao Ang explained patiently.

Cao Cao was relieved, he handed this task to Yu Jin and Xiahou Dun.

Among the fifty thousand army led by Cao Ang, the lieutenants were Cao Ren, Zhang Xiu, Yu Jin, and Le Jin.

Since leaving Shouchun, Ji Ling has not encountered an ambush all the way, and he has expanded a lot.

“Haha, it seems that Yuan Huan is worrying too much. There is no ambush here. Cao Jun must have been killed by Lu Bu. This is a great opportunity.” Ji Ling laughed and led the army to the front of the sky.

A line of sky is the most suitable place to ambush soldiers.

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