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You Are My Hero (2021) 你是我的英雄

You Are My Hero (2021)
Other Title: 你是我的英雄, Ni Shi Wo De Ying Xiong

Genres: Crime, Detective, Investigation
Qiang Wu
Release Date: 
Mar, 2021
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  • Liu Dong Qin as Li Jun Cheng
  • Mickey Yuan as Si Tu Kun
  • Liu Mei Tongas Na Lan Hui
  • Xing Enas Ye Jun Nan
  • Deng Fei as Tang Zhen

The drama is set in the context of an unbroken serial murder case of a girl for many years, which tells the story of an “experimental instructor” Situ Kun who formed a special experimental class to train a group of criminal police elites. Reasoning genius Li Juncheng and super-intuitive gifted girl Lin Xi, fat belly Qinchuan, iceberg beauty Nalan Hui (Liu Meitong), intelligent Ding Xiaobing and others have passed the multiple rounds of assessment step by step with wisdom and superb reasoning skills, using strong convictions to overcome the dark storm and carry the justice mission, in a turbulent and turbulent case Zhong gradually grew into first-line criminal police capable and responsible.

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