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Be My Cat 我的宠物少将军 Episode 13 Recap

Little Mint mistakenly thought that Mo Xiuran was worried that she liked this skin look instead of his dignified Prince Yulixing. Xiao Mint explained that he liked him. Mo Xiuran once again said that he wanted to return to Yu Lixing, but he couldn’t bring Xiao Mint back with him. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Mo Xiuran kissed Xiao Mint, and the scenes of the two before getting along flashed in their minds. This is the true love kiss that the puppet said before.

As a result, the contract between Xiao Ming and Mo Xiuran was unwound, and Xiao Ming realized that Mo Xiuran might really want to abandon him by doing this. Mo Xiuran confessed that he was lying to her, Xiao Mint’s tears fell unconvincingly, she threw the Blue Soul Orb on Mo Xiuran’s body in a fit of anger, and ran away sadly.

Mo Xiuran remembered what the Tengu said last time, and Su Zimo said that a masked person asked him to gather the soul orbs, and Mo Xiuran was sure that the lake was not dead. This is also the reason why he said cruel words to Little Mint, Xiao Mint is by his side, and the lake may hurt her, and he must not bear Little Mint being hurt by himself. Little Mint bid farewell to Mo Yuji.

She said that she had found her brother and was about to return to Qingshan Town. Mo Yuji would also stay in Sunset City to deal with the bank affairs. Nanping night was very reluctant to Luo Feng. The two were lingering and didn’t want to be separated. They were met by Mo Xiuran. Mo Xiuran didn’t reveal it, but gave them a thumbs up instead. Later, Xiao Mint never spoke to Mo Xiuran, and Mo Xiuran turned a blind eye to her.

They separated at the fork, and a carriage carrying a small peppermint drove towards this road, and Mo Xiuran rode back to Tianli. He bought a drink on the street to relieve his sorrow, and his mind was filled with memories of Little Mint. Little Mint and Su Zimo returned to Qingshan Town, occasionally holding the bell that Mo Xiuran gave to them. She could not help but think of Mo Xiuran.

Those memories seemed like a lifetime. After chasing away Xiao Mint, Mo Xiuran ran to the puppet’s Miao Ji grilled fish to drink. He told the puppet that the lake was not dead, and he had been guiding himself and Su Zimo to help him find soul beads. The reason why he didn’t come forward and search for it on his own might be because his vitality was badly hurt when his mother burned with him.

Mo Xiuran must find Nihu to kill him, as his mother. And he vaguely felt that the lake was hidden in the Mo family, but he still didn’t know who the lake was. The puppet told him that there is a smell on the lake that most people can’t detect, but dogs can detect it.

After returning to Mo’s house, Mo Xiuran asked Luo Feng to borrow a dog from Mrs. Yu, but it was Yuan Bao’s child who borrowed money, and it also had an older sister named Jinbao. Under the leadership of Luo Feng, Zhaocai turned the Mo House around. Zhaocai liked everyone very much, and let others hug him and touch him. Until he saw Second Uncle Yuting, Zhaocai changed his gentle attitude and shouted at him.

But later Mo Xiuran discovered that it was because Yuting was injured and had blood stains, so he let Zhaocai bark. After he washed his hands, Zhaocai lay quietly on his knees and let him touch him. Mo Xiuran felt that he might be looking for Qihun. Only the beads can lead to the lake. Little Mint learned that Mo Xiuran had not returned to Jade Lixing, so he decided to go back to the capital with his brother to find Mo Xiuran on the grounds that he would get back the soul orb.

Later, Mo Xiuran met Zi You, the young master who rescued her in Manxianglou, and she wanted to stay with Mo Xiuran. Little Mint handed Yiqutang to Xiaoyun again. She and Su Zimo returned to the capital. Su Zimo went to Dean Xu to inquire about the whereabouts of Huang Hunzhu, while Little Mint wanted to enter Mo Mansion for the second time.

Xiao Mint was stopped at the door, and the servants refused to let her in. Luo Feng picked up Nanpingwan’s letter at the door. He accidentally saw Xiao Mint. He ran back to tell Mo Xiuran about it. Mo Xiuran left Ziyou aside, and ran to the door to catch the little boy who had almost fallen. mint.

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