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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 32 Recap

In order to avoid embarrassment, Luo Zhi deliberately took out a pillow to pretend to sleep, and fell asleep without realizing it. Sheng Huainan looked at Luo Zhi’s sleeping face, his eyes were gentle, and he reached out to fiddle with the thick eyelashes of the other party, and lay on the table to face Luo Zhi, falling asleep slowly in the moment when he only had each other.

Luo Zhi had hoped to be embraced by the sunshine of Sheng Huainan countless times, and to this day, feeling the coat full of the beloved spirit, she still feels unreal happiness. After Luo Zhi woke up, she couldn’t help teasing Sheng Huainan’s eyelashes. If it weren’t for the necklace in her coat, perhaps she would immediately accept Sheng Huainan’s request for contact.

The necklace was what Ye Zhanyan called a token of love, and the necklace was in Sheng Huainan’s pocket, causing Luo Zhi to completely misunderstand. In the past, all kinds of things flashed in Luo Zhi’s mind, and the source of all pain seemed to have finally found the source. She cruelly threw the necklace into the sea and finally made up her mind.

Luo Zhi returned to the library with his coat, and desperately kissed Sheng Huai’s southern lips. Ye Zhanyan once said that a secret love is no longer as good as an actual kiss, and Luo Zhi also used this kiss to end the relationship between her and Sheng Huainan. Before Sheng Huainan recovered from his joy, he was forced to accept Luo Zhi’s rejection.

Sheng Huainan came to the balcony alone to face the confession on the wall in a daze. When he was in an extremely bad mood, Zheng Wenrui brought Luo Zhi’s diary to prove Luo Zhi’s ulterior motives, but Sheng Huainan forced him to return.

Zheng Wenrui was annoyed that Sheng Huainan would not give her a chance to approach, and attributed the suffering of life to Sheng Huainan. Sheng Huainan originally thought that Zheng Wenrui was just unsocial, but he didn’t expect that the other party would be so radical in his thoughts, so for the first time he spoke ill of others.

At the same time, Zhang Mingrui refused her idea of ​​establishing a relationship after Xu Riqing took the initiative to ask for a kiss confession. Zhang Mingrui was surprised and pushed Xu Riqing away, which was enough to explain his heart. In fact, through previous contacts, Zhang Mingrui has already understood the gap between him and Xu Riqing, and has long had no other ideas.

Two emotionally inexplicable people get together, each telling each other’s inner thoughts and confusion. Too many things happened on this day, and Sheng Huainan suddenly realized through Zhang Mingrui’s words that the person who could not let go of the perfect halo was himself. It is difficult for Sheng Huainan to accept other people’s hatred, so he falls into a blind spot. Now he decides to completely break himself and pursue Luo Zhi again.

Jiang Baili, who was also bewildered by emotions, was both happy and troubled in the face of Gu Zhiye’s diligent pursuit and Gobi’s concern. After all, whether it is Gu Zhiye’s excellence or Gobi’s concern for her, Jiang Baili has never received such attention.

Not knowing how to choose, she simply hid in the dormitory and became an ostrich. When Gu Zhiye brought a luxurious boxed lunch, and Gobi kept caring about the call, Jiang Baili almost couldn’t help but give up. Under Luo Zhi’s supervision, Jiang Baili was directly asked to shut down, no longer thinking about the concerns of the two scumbags.

What they didn’t know was that Gu Zhiye still came to the campus with a box of lunch, so he encountered the Gobi. Gu Zhiye pretended to not know the details, telling Gobi about the pure beauty of Jiang Baili and showing his love for Jiang Baili. In his words, Gu Zhiye also reminded Gobi that since he already has someone he likes, there is no need to hurt him for the unimportant woman.

Looking at the figure of Gu Zhiye leaving confidently, Gobi was still a little overwhelmed. Perhaps in his impression, it seemed that besides his own kindness, it was impossible for a better man to pursue Jiang Baili.

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