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My Heroic Husband 赘婿 Episode 7 Recap

Su Tan’er and Ning Yi were anxious to drink alcohol to relieve fever. They accidentally saw the agreement they had signed before. When Su Tan’er got the palm print, it was when Ning Yi recovered his free body, Su Tan’er pretended to be Asking him inadvertently if he wants to leave, Ning Yi thought she was driving herself, so she did not shirk at the moment, and directly agreed. Su Tan’er was stunned. When she was sure that Ning Yi was leaving, she took out all her savings and asked Ning Yi to take it away.

Ning Yi didn’t intend to ask for her money at all, so she went in and out of the house. Both of them had trouble sleeping that night. When they woke up in the morning, Su Tan’er hurried to the penthouse. As expected, Ning Yi was no longer seen in the penthouse, leaving only a note One, Su Tan’er thought she hadn’t seen it, so she went to prepare for the Puyuan Poetry Party first, but she didn’t expect to run into a wall everywhere, and all the singers were taken away by Ushi.

At this time, Ning Yi was with the old man and taught him how to play golf. He also gave Su Taner’s mother a mask. At the old man’s place, he finally toasted and understood the other party’s intentions and dedicated a book. Solve the relationship between him and his daughter. Before leaving, Ning Yi went to the second room and gave them a math book for them to study.

Su Tan’er knew that Ning Yi was leaving, and there was no way to deal with it for a while. Xiaochan saw that she was like this and took the initiative to go to the Shihui to help, but as soon as she went out, she saw Ning Yi and Geng Nursing Hospital with their luggage preparing to leave It looked like he didn’t want to say anything and went back to the room.

Ning Yi didn’t know what she was thinking, so he went out to do business with Geng Nursing Institute first. He found friends from the Men’s School of Virtue to help at the poem meeting, and everyone was very happy to help. Ma Kangxian also came out to join in the fun, Ning Yi was curious about the story between him and the princess, and dragged him to tell the story to everyone. Everyone had a very happy chat.

After Ning Yi left, Su Tan’er wrote poems that were very sad. Xiaochan was curious about her sudden change. Only Su Tan’er knew what she was saddening. They went to the Puyuan Poetry Club in the evening. Knowing that the Uzbek was going to buy out the showgirl, the second room of the Soviet style came out of the news. This allowed the Uzbekistan to take the first step and included the showgirl from the Xinmen Art Gallery. They just wanted to see Su Tan’er making a fool of, and the Uzbek cloth shop made a splash. Everyone cheered enthusiastically.

The next one will be the turn of the Su-style cloth shop. Xiaochan, who represented the Su-style cloth shop, was shaking with nervousness. At this moment, the fog began to form under the bridge. Everyone looked at it curiously, and Ning Yi supported the boat. , Carrying the beauty Nie Yunzhu appeared in front of everyone. Ning Yi sang a small tune and appeared in front of everyone with a fairy named Nie Yunzhu, showing the Soviet-style cloth fabrics perfectly. All of them were snatched by the Soviet-style cloth, and everyone praised them.

Afterwards, Ning Yi explained to everyone what he did at the poem meeting. Su Tan’er came and everyone dispersed. Ning Yi gave Su Tan’er his own shaved ice. As soon as he reached out his hand, Su Tan’er got the medicine. Box, it turned out that he saw the scars left by his men during rehearsal and gave him medicine.

Ning Yi hesitated and told Su Tan’er that he had lost the letter of divorce, and wanted Su Tan’er to keep himself. He was about to grind his mouth. At this moment, Su Tan’er pulled his face. A kiss on his mouth, and blocked Ning Yi’s next words, immediately ran to the side and pretended to read the account book seriously. Ning Yi was stunned, but he understood Su Tan’er’s behavior. Forget about it.

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