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The Magician On The Skywalk (2021) 天橋上的魔術師

The Magician On The Skywalk (2021)
Other Title: 天橋上的魔術師, Tian Qiao Shang De Mo Shu Shi, Magician on the Skywalk

Genres: Mystery, Drama


Release Date: 
Feb 20, 2021
Related Show:


  • Kaiser Chuang
  • Edison Song
  • Jenny Wen
  • Lin Wan Fang

This adapted from the novel of the same name by the internationally renowned writer Wu Mingyi. It took five years and was created with a huge amount of NT$200 million. It was adapted and directed by Yang Yazhe of “Golden Bell Award for Best Director” and “Golden Horse Film Director”. Because of the reappearance of “China Shopping Mall”, this drama has already aroused heated discussions before, and it is the first largest set in Taiwanese TV drama history. Other behind-the-scenes creative teams for the Gold Award include “Golden Horse Award Best Photography” Chen Keqin, “Best Modeling Design” Wang Jiahui, “Best Sound Effect” Du Duzhi, and “Golden Melody Award Best Producer” Huang Yunling, etc.

The background of the story is in the summer of 1985, Xiao Budian, a fourth-grade elementary school student, was the youngest son of a leather shoe store in China Shopping Mall. On this day, a mysterious magician came to the mall. He has a cornucopia, a zebra that emits colorful light, and he will become a lot of magic tricks. Xiaodian admires the magician, he bought magic props to practice every day. At the same time, more and more boys and girls in shopping malls encounter this mysterious magician; and every time people who have seen magic, they will get the magical power to change their lives…

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