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The Prince Struggles Everyday

The Prince Struggles Everyday (Novel)
Other Name: 皇子奋斗日常

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: Rong Mo
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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Pei Qingshu did not expect that he had passed through bizarrely and came to ancient times. It’s a pity that it was a mistake of possession, from a young and beautiful girl to a veritable little prince. Looking at the people around him, Pei Qingshu had only one thought, that was to cross back quickly. Unfortunately, this was a one-way ticket, and he could no longer return to his former body. For this reason, what he can do now is to use all means to make himself live in such a cannibal harem. After all, there is nothing more important than his own life.

Free Reading Highlights:
Compared with Qionghua Palace, Baoci Palace is more solemn, but less gorgeous and comfortable. Pei Qingshu looked at it, and only felt that this honorable concubine was really simple. Obviously she is the highest-ranking concubine under the queen, but her life is still so simple. If you remove some fresh seasonal bouquets, it looks a bit like a Buddhist hall here.

Concubine Rong was really low-key, and didn’t mean to do a lot of work for the four princes. When Pei Qingshu and the others arrived, the only concubines who came were Qing concubines living in Baoci Palace, Li concubines who followed from Qionghua Palace, and the birth mothers of the fifth princes.

“Come and come, let’s go and sit in the house.” Guifei Rong smiled three-pointedly at the sight of people, and led the female relatives into the house to talk, and introduced the concubine Cheng and Qing who he was not familiar with for Pei Qingshu.嫔.

Concubine Cheng and Qing Bi knew that they were honest people by looking at their faces. They all have sons under their knees, but they don’t have the frivolous concubine or the impetuousness of Lili.

As a meeting ceremony, Concubine Cheng gave Pei Qingshu a piece of jade pendant, and Qing 嫔 gave him a set of newly made jade chess pieces and catalpa wood chessboard. It seemed that she knew that Pei Qingshu was coming today, and she prepared it early in the morning. Concubine Rong saw that the people in her palace were so attentive to please Concubine Shu, and she also had light on her face, so she had to compliment her. After listening to Qingbi, she still smiled and did her best to not be surprised.

After a few women chatted a few words, Concubine Shu asked Pei Qingshu to meet a few imperial brothers.

Suddenly leaving the people he knows, Pei Qingshu is still a little nervous.

Fortunately, Concubine Rong was considerate and asked her close-fitting maid Yuzao to accompany Pei Qingshu to help him identify people. Only then did Pei Qingshu relax a little.

The gathering place for the princes was set in a pavilion in the back garden of Baoci Palace. Before Pei Qingshu approached, he saw a young man standing in the pavilion painting from a distance.

On the white jade pier on the side, three boys in Chinese clothes were sitting. Walking over and taking a closer look, one of the three is in his early ten years old, and the other is eight or nine years old. The other looked not much older than Pei Qingshu, at most seven years old. Seeing him coming, all of them cast a curious look at Pei Qingshu. The boy who was painting also stopped the pen in his hand and looked at Tamamo.

Yuzao hurriedly said: “The slaves and maidservants are pleased with the four highnesses. This is the twelfth highness, who just came with the concubine Shu. The concubine and maids asked the slaves to take the twelve highnesses to recognize people.”

The leading young man put down the pen in his hand and nodded to Yuzao. Then Yuzao introduced: “Twelve Your Highness, this is the Fourth Highness.”

Pei Qingshu hurriedly stepped forward to salute: “I have seen Brother Four Emperors.”

In fact, Pei Qingshu had just guessed the identity of this person based on his age. He is the son of Concubine Rong, and today’s protagonist Pei Qingmo.

Pei Qingmo nodded, there were no waves on her face.

The teenager is still very young, but he looks like twelve or thirteen. His eyes are clear and handsome, but his eyes are very calm, quite a bit young and mature.

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