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The Gate of Rebirth in the Last Days

The Gate of Rebirth in the Last Days (Novel)
Other Name: 末世重生之门, The Door to Rebirth in the Last Days

Genre: novel, fantasy
Author: King Mountain
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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The end of the world has come. For the sake of his parents and relatives around him, Gu Ning, who has always been weak, picked up a machete. , Pointed the knife at the zombie who had become irrational. It was a pity that her tenacity made many people who were jealous of her uncomfortable. Later, she left her and ran away. Gu Ning, who was surrounded by zombies, had no strength to think about other things except raising a knife and slashing at those zombies. Just when she thought she was going to die, she accidentally appeared. Gu Ning suddenly came to a mysterious and empty room. When she opened the door, she discovered that the world had become a paradise. There were no zombies and there was no need to escape. People were still working and living normally.

Free Reading Highlights:
There is no affiliation between the Oasis Base and the Capital Base. As an independent government, they coexist peacefully and equally, and communicate with each other in accordance with the principles of peace and friendship.

It can be said that the Oasis Base completely deterred those who watched the Capital Base with its powerful strength, and completely dispelled their desire to encroach on the Oasis Base. Instead, I tried my best to think about how to come to the oasis base in exchange for the resources that the capital base lacked.

These details need a long time to run in.

The human dispute seems to have temporarily come to an end.

The Oasis Base can finally look at the zombies outside again.

For Gu Ning, the struggle between people makes her cope very hard, far less simple than pure killing with zombies.

After finally solving the problem of the capital base, it is time to start cleaning up the zombies again.

According to the data provided by Zhuang Chen, it is estimated that there are over 10 million zombies in the entire capital.

And the survivors are definitely not limited to the capital base and the oasis base. At least it is estimated that there are millions of survivors hiding in various corners of the city and the countryside.

In the current situation where all communication equipment such as networks and telephones are out of order, many people still don’t know about the establishment of the capital base and the oasis base. These people may not even know the existence of the capital base and the oasis base.

Not to mention the whole world, the country Z alone has 1.3 billion people. Based on the spread of the zombie virus and the actual situation in the cities that Gu Ning has walked through, the current ratio of zombies to humans is optimistically estimated to be 10:1. proportion. If this one-tenth of humanity is not united, it is very likely that in the future, it will become one percent, one-thousandth, and eventually become extinct.

Gu Ning felt the urgency of time.

After the oasis base rested for two days, the plan to clean up the zombies within the capital was started again. After discussion, the third brother also notified the capital base of this plan, and got the willingness to cooperate there.

At the same time, the oasis base began to encourage early marriage and childbirth, as well as a series of welfare programs for pregnant women. At the same time, people who meet some of the conditions set by the orphanage can also adopt children in the orphanage, but they must accept regular monthly return visits from the orphanage.

At present, the average male to female ratio of the population in the oasis base is 2:1.

The oasis base protects women’s rights much better than before the end of the world, and respects women’s voluntary will in choosing a spouse, and the status of women has begun to rise invisibly.

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