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Guys With Kids 奶爸当家 Episode 30 Recap

Liu Min’s request for remarriage made Gao Han very angry. She was divorced for the purpose of laughing. Now he is remarrying him because of Xiaoxiao. He is really tired of such excuses. Liu Min couldn’t help crying after Gao Han left. Now she really There is no choice. Ma Xiaohong accompanied Guan Shanshan at home. She wanted to confront Liu Min, but was persuaded by Wang Dongyang. Wang Dongyang had done bad things before and didn’t want them to confront Liu Min, worrying about exposing himself.

Kang Qian had already sold the car in Bo, and it was still sold at a high price. Yu Bo was very surprised, but he didn’t think too much, as long as he could relieve his urgent need. After Gao Han returned home, he also gave Guan Shanshan the money for selling his patents. For Guan Shanshan, he didn’t want to entangle with his ex-wife too much. He didn’t know that as soon as he went to see Guan Shanshan, Liu Min gave Wang Dongyang a fight. Phone. After receiving Liu Min’s call, Wang Dongyang went to the hotel to find Liu Min.

Liu Min was already drunk and told Wang Dongyang that he had helped him get things done for the agency, and forced him to help him dismantle Guan Shanshan and Gao Han. Wang Dongyang looked at Liu Min who had passed out, knowing that he was in trouble. Buggering. When Guan Shanshan was organizing things for Gao Han, he discovered the agreement given by Singapore. Knowing that Gao Han must have given up his future for himself, Guan Shanshan felt very guilty.

Had it not been for Guan Shanshan, Gao Han would not be famous. Gao Han knew this well and was willing to pay for Guan Shanshan. He comforted Shanshan that he still had better works not available, and he would definitely have a smoother future. . Yu Bo went to the rehabilitation center to see his mother. He happened to see his father looking for a caregiver for his mother. The two finally had the opportunity to sit down and have a meal and chat. Yu Bo heard about the failure of his marriage from his father, and began to feel sorry for his father, so he simply picked up a wine glass to drink with him.

The next day Gao Han and Guan Shanshan went to the auction together. Ma Xiaohong and Wang Dongyang cheered for them together and took out their savings. They were sure to win the house, but they didn’t know that there was someone behind them staring at their house. Seeing that the asking price at the auction had exceeded expectations, Guan Shanshan almost cried out. Yu Bo strode into the venue and shouted the highest price of four million. After who knew them, Manager Zhu came in again and called out five. Millions, Guan Shanshan and they no longer have the ability to photograph a house.

Gao Han knew that Zhang Zhen must be doing the blame, but he didn’t know why Zhang Zhen did it. After comforting Guan Shanshan, he approached Zhang Zhen. Who knew Zhang Zhen only wanted him, Gao Han couldn’t let it go. Guan Shanshan, even more unwilling to compromise with Zhang Zhen, so Gao Han borrowed the key to the house and promised Zhang Zhen to go to a place with her. Guan Shanshan returned home smoothly. Ma Xiaohong and the others accompanied her to stroll around the villa. Guan Shanshan was heartbroken and asked them to go back first. They stayed here alone to remember the past.

Guan Shanshan will remember the daily life with his parents and sisters. They used to have joy and happiness, but now there is nothing left, not even the house. Looking at the furniture covered with white cloth, Guan Shanshan is a little bit. Pulling away, my heart becomes more sad. Ma Xiaohong and the others waited at the door for a while. The astute Xiaohong noticed that someone was staring at them, but had no direction for a while. Yu Bo worried that Dudu would be affected, so they asked Ma Xiaohong and Wang Dongyang to take Dudu home to rest. Waiting for Guan Shanshan outside the villa.

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