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Fighting Youth 正青春 Episode 28 Recap

airport. Meng Fan asked Lin Rui if she was still blaming Shu Wanting. Lin Rui said that she would always be the person she respected most. Meng Fan told Lin Rui that Shu Wanting had negotiated a condition with him, and Meng Fan must recommend anyone she recommends, and the person Shu Wanting chose was Lin Rui. After Meng Fan said these words, he went to send Shu Wanting, he really respected Shu Wanting. Fang Jing hopes that Shu Wanting can forgive her.

Shu Wanting said that she will always be her friend and will never forget that Fang Jing stood by her side when she was most difficult. Lin Rui cried and hugged Shu Wanting, saying that she knew everything, and was very disappointed. After bidding farewell to everyone, Shu Wanting boarded the plane. The era of Shu Wanting is over, and another era is waiting to begin.

On the way back, Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t understand what Lin Rui knew. Lin Rui said that Shu Wanting recommended her. Zhang Xiaoyu was very happy, so she won with Meng Fan’s vote. But Meng Fan’s vote was also arranged by Shu Wanting, and Lin Rui had mixed feelings in his heart. She didn’t think she had the chance to win, and asked Zhang Xiaoyu to work overtime to finish the plan tonight. Alan asked Lin Rui and Fang Jing for dinner. The second part is assisting with medical aesthetics products. The prospects are promising. Alan is very happy and told them a very important news.

The headquarters hopes that Meng Fan will serve as the president of China for the time being. Lin Rui and Fang Jing are not very satisfied with this result. Meng Fan claims that the Chinese is already a Singaporean. The headquarters chose him for this reason. Fang Jing and Lin Ruibai had been fighting for a long time, and they were very unwilling.

Lin Rui went to Alan, and Alan had to tell her the real reason. They both knew the relationship between Lin Rui and Fang Jing. No matter who became president, the other would leave. This was also to protect talents. Lin Rui hopes to examine them based on their performance. No matter who becomes the president, they will not leave, or they will leave together immediately. Alan chose to agree to this condition.

Shu Wanting once told Lin Rui a secret that Alan is a popular candidate for SW president and his competitor is Meng Fan’s supporter Reya, so Lin Rui knew from the beginning that Alan was on their side. At the meeting the next day, Alan announced that Lin Rui and Fang Jing were candidates for the president of China. They still had less than a month to prove themselves.

This time, Lin Rui and Fang Jing are playing fair. Zhang Xiaoyu made a New Year’s Day strategy, and Lin Rui assigned tasks to everyone. Ling Xiaoxiao heard that Zhang Xiaoyu was in charge of direct management to report to Fang Jing, and felt that this was Lin Rui’s smoke bomb, and Fang Jing asked her to keep watching Zhang Xiaoyu. Fang Jing heard that Tan Weilun had made an appointment with Ling Xiaoxiao, he was Meng Fan’s butler, so when he beat Ling Xiaoxiao, the most important thing in the workplace was contacts.

Justin, Lin Rui, and Zhang Xiaoyu recommended two new products. Lin Rui formulated a detailed marketing plan and asked them to keep secret. Lin Rui asked Zhang Xiaoyu to go with him to see Wen Zhe. Alan returned to France this morning. Lin Rui gave her the plan last night, and Alan expressed his support. Lin Rui went to the front desk to get the takeaway, which was the 3D printed coffee made by Dante. Zhang Xiaoyu wanted to find Dante, so Lin Rui had to see Wen Zhe by himself.

Wen Zheyue’s location was Jin Xiaobei’s house. Jin Xiaobei and Dante were studying new products. Wen Zhe and Lin Rui sat aside to discuss business. Wen Zhe didn’t understand a lot, but he didn’t ask much. Zhang Xiaoyu came and was surprised to see Lin Rui and Wen Zhe also. Jin Xiaobei had been staring at the two of them all the time. She had to sit down and help, but Zhang Xiaoyu was thinking of Dante.

Lin Rui’s killer, Xiuyan Xiao Ampoule headquarters gave her, and Ling Xiaoxiao almost quarreled with Zhang Xiaoyu at the meeting. Jin Xiaobei and Dante were worried about money, so they had to make an appointment with Meng Lu. Meng Lu said that her father had opened a new investment company and would vote for them if their products were good, but Jin Xiaobei was not very satisfied with the offer. Fang Jing didn’t expect Xiuyan’s new product to create medical beauty, this time she was careless.

Yan Kun came to Fang Jing and said that if she needed it, the e-commerce department would cooperate fully. In order to make money, Jin Xiaobei could only recruit partners from all over the city. Dante expressed doubts and the two took a gamble. Tan Weilun asked Ling Xiaoxiao to have dinner, and Fang Jing asked her to go to find out Meng Fan’s attitude. It is important that he is Meng Fanduo. Jin Xiaobei won the bet and got 3 million investment, chasing Dante to ask for his gaming keyboard,

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