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Four Strange Cases of the Qing Palace: Shunzhi Nun

Four Strange Cases of the Qing Palace: Shunzhi Nun (Novel)
Other Name: 清宫四大奇案:顺治出家

Genre: novel, History
Author: Chen Lianhen
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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The main characters in the story are Dong Xiaowan, Mao Pijiang, and Emperor Shunzhi. Brief introduction: That year, when the Emperor Shunzhi saw Dong Xiaowan for the first time, he was so fascinated by her beautiful face that he turned against all opinions, and he finally approached Dong Xiaowan to the palace. But how could her unbearable status be accepted by the ministers and people in the palace? Everyone said that the emperor begged for mercy, and some said that he loved the mountains and the mountains more beautifully, but when the Emperor Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty met a generation of famous prostitutes Dong Xiaowan, would he choose Jiangshan or a beauty?

Free Reading Highlights:

It just so happens that there is a neighboring country outside Shanhaiguan, but it is a Manchu race, and it has a feud with the Ming Dynasty. Now I heard that there was civil strife in the Ming Dynasty, so I took advantage of the situation and sent troops to challenge. The emperor Chongzhen heard this news and was frightened at a loss. He thought about his thoughts and thought that although the thief was a major problem, he was still a domestic person, so why bother in the same room?

The Qing soldiers are foreign invaders, if it is not a showdown, it is not enough to show the power of the country. Therefore, with a soothing policy for the stream thief, I want to concentrate on dealing with the foreign bandits. How do you know that the foreign bandits still can’t deal with it properly, but the flow of thieves is getting more and more. Until later, it became more and more out of control, and Li Zicheng, the leader of the thieves, drove straight in and broke the city of Beijing. Emperor Chongzhen died from the Hanging Coal Mountain, and Li Zicheng took the throne and was called King Chuang.

At this time, there was Wu Sangui, the commander-in-chief of the Ming Dynasty, who led all soldiers and horses and stationed in Ningyuan. He was defending against clearing soldiers. Now that he heard that Beijing was trapped and the emperor was martyred, he simply mourned and entered the customs with the help of Qing soldiers. At this time, Manchuria had already established a national title, called the Qing Dynasty, the old emperor died, and the young lord Fulin succeeded to the throne, and the reign was Shunzhi. Seeing Wu Sangui coming to borrow troops, he ordered the regent Dorgon and Prince Yu Duoduo to lead the Eight Banners soldiers into the pass, and as expected, they killed Li Zicheng’s thieves.

Seeing that the general situation was gone, Li Zicheng threw away Beijing and fled to Shaanxi. Qing Bing took advantage of the situation. Shunzhi was also the capital of Beijing. Wu Sangui wanted to use the Qing soldiers to restore the country, but afterwards, the country had not recovered. The snipe and the clam fight, but the fisherman gains a lot of money, it can also be regarded as the front door retreating the wolf and the back door entering the tiger. Later, Shi Kefa, the survivor of the Ming Dynasty, learned of the Northern Change in the southern capital and welcomed King Lifu to Jinling. The emperor of Shunzhi ordered Duoduo, the prince of Yu, to go south to fight the Ming court.

It was very relevant for the King Yu to go here. Not only was it possible to reunify the world only by relying on the victory of King Yu, but also because of King Yu, the Emperor Shunzhi also lost his hair to become a monk and abandoned the country to become a monk. I will not mention it later.

Besides, the Shunzhi emperor first ascended to Dabao and was the founding emperor, but he was also wise and promising.

However, he is very sincere by nature and has an indomitable attitude. Therefore, if you can enter the pass and rule the Han people, you will have a good command. However, ministers from other provinces will eventually inevitably abuse our Han people. But this situation was not the intention of Emperor Shunzhi. Judges, don’t blame him. He is also very virtuous in the palace.

In his early years, he set up a queen, but he didn’t abuse romanticism, so he didn’t want to be sensual, so his sixth palace was less than three thousand. But who is ruthless? Besides, you are the emperor, so she wasted her life with the yellow face? Therefore, the officials of various provinces, admiring the sacrament of the body, have looked for talented and beautiful women to offer to the palace.

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