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The Complete Works of Detective Sherlock Holmes

The Complete Works of Detective Sherlock Holmes
Other Name: 福尔摩斯探案全集

Genre: Detective, Novels
Author: Conan
Year: Unknow
Chapter: N/A
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The Complete Works of Detective Sherlock Holmes is a classic detective novel in the world. Once published, it immediately swept thousands of Chinese people. Bizarre plot, gripping suspense, the world’s smartest detective, the most secret case in the world, Holmes not only allows criminals nowhere to hide, but also makes your brain cells passionate.

Free Reading Highlights:

McMurdo quickly made himself famous. No matter where he goes, the people around will know immediately. In less than a week, McMurdo had become an extremely important figure in Sheft’s apartment. There are ten to twelve boarders here, but they are honest foremen or ordinary shop assistants, and they have a completely different temperament from this young Irishman.

At night, when they get together, McMurdo always talks and laughs, speaks very well, and his singing is exceptional. He is a natural friend with a charm that makes the people around him feel comfortable.

But he was like him on the train time and time again, showing superhuman intelligence and sudden rage, which made people awe. He never puts the law and all those who enforce the law in his eyes, which makes some of his fellow sleepers happy and makes others panic.

From the very beginning, he did it very clearly, blatantly complimenting that since he saw her beauty and grace, the owner’s daughter captured his heart. He was not a cringing suitor. He expressed his sincere feelings to the girl the next day. From then on, he always said that he loved her over and over again, completely ignoring what she would say that would discourage him.

“Who else is there!” he said loudly, “Well, let him be unlucky! Let him be careful! Can I give to others the chance of my life and the people I aspire to? You can insist. —No —, Itti! But one day you will say —Yes —, I’m still young and I can wait.”

McMurdo is a dangerous suitor, he has a mouth that the Irish can talk about and a set of tricks and tricks. He also has a wealth of experience and mysterious charm, quite able to win the favor of women, and finally get her love. He talked about the lovely valleys of other places in Monaghan County, about the fascinating remote islands, low hills and green lakeside meadows, and imagined the scenery from this place full of dust and snow. It seems to make people feel that it is more and more beautiful and infinite.

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