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Unrequited Love (2021) 暗戀橘生淮南 2021 Episode 26 Recap

Regarding the content of Ye Zhanyan’s chat, Sheng Huainan promised not to tell anyone, including Luo Zhi. Because of this, Sheng Huainan was unable to answer Luo Zhi’s question, which worsened the current atmosphere again. Sheng Huainan always releases kindness and ambiguity to Luo Zhi when he is willing, but always takes it back inexplicably, and he gives up looking for Luo Zhi because of Ye Zhanyan’s words.

Luo Zhi couldn’t judge. If she insisted that she had been in Zhenhua all the time, who Sheng Huainan would believe, she did not want to be immersed in such troubles and gains and losses, and got up and left decisively. Luo Zhi didn’t know that Sheng Huainan had been waiting outside the house until after returning home, Luoyang’s mother Fu Aunty chatted.

Aunt Fu and Luo Zhi’s mother suddenly talked about the truth of the year, and the Shengjia purchased equipment of poor quality, which led to the tragedy. Now, the relevant evidence is under investigation and the situation is very optimistic. Aunt Fu believes that the Sheng family will inevitably pay the price in the near future.

Luo Zhi didn’t care too much about the elders’ talk at this time. She looked at the shivering figure outside the window, and listened to the love words sent by Sheng Huainan, still holding back the feeling of compromise. When Sheng Huainan was taken in by the janitor, Luo Zhi still sent a chicken soup secretly out of concern for him.

Early in the morning, Sheng Huainan was waiting at the entrance of the Luozhi family community early, even if the other party was indifferent, he would serve a hot breakfast. Luo Zhi left her mother at home, and Mother Luo deliberately chased it out. Seeing the two of them far away from the back, it was a blessing and happiness from the heart.

Today is the last time Luoyang and Ding Shuijing have met. He doesn’t want to disappoint his family, let alone hurt Chen Jing. He can only hide the boy who yearns for freedom in his heart. Playing in the snow, close contact, a moment of heartbeat, but interrupted by Chen Jing’s call, even the last memorial photo was not taken.

Zhang Mingrui is used to lining up to buy Luo Zhi’s favorite cake, but now he holds the hot cake in his hand, but he doesn’t know what to do. It just so happened that Zheng Wenrui couldn’t buy it in line, so Zhang Mingrui gave away the cake on impulse, which caused Zheng Wenrui to misunderstand that he liked him.

In another part of the school, Sheng Huainan ignored Luo Zhi’s refusal and insisted on sending her back to the dormitory. The two were entangled in the school, So Xing Luo Zhi once again put the questions in his heart before each other. Luo Zhi could accept any form of unrequited love, but could not accept ambiguity, let alone Sheng Huainan’s alms if he wanted to, or take away as good as he wanted.

Sheng Huainan forcibly brought Luo Zhi to the balcony. Thinking back to the past, he already knew that the person he met on the window sill of Zhenhua balcony was Luo Zhi. But even if he knew whether the ending would change, Sheng Huainan’s answer was interrupted again by Ye Zhanyan’s text message.

Luo Zhi only wanted an understanding, and Sheng Huainan needed to confess his inner true thoughts. He wanted to know the reason why he chased him from a long distance, and he wanted to know the reason why he had been so close and far away. However, Sheng Huainan didn’t know how to explain it. His doubts existed in the grievances of the previous generation. He didn’t know how to say it, and this caused Luo Zhi to leave again.

Luo Zhi came to Gulangyu Island where she once dated Sheng Huainan. The beauty at that time supported her loneliness at the moment. Luo Zhi met Wen Yuan Lahuo again, and after seeing her thoughts, he enlightened Luo Zhi to communicate more with the people he liked. Wen Yuan’s suggestion and enlightenment seemed like a joke, I don’t know whether Luo Zhi really listened to it.

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