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Huangxiang Castle

Huangxiang Castle (Novel)
Other Name: 黄乡古堡, The Ancient Castle of Huangxiang

Genre: novel, history
Author: Liu Chuanqi
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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During the Ming Dynasty, the country was turbulent Uneasy, the people were displaced, living a life without food. At this time, some unscrupulous people took advantage of the situation and launched a rebellion. In order to suppress this peasant uprising and preserve the declining imperial power, the court sent Wang Yangming to quell the rebellion. In order to rescue the people from the dire straits, Wang Yangming decided to use the armed forces led by Ye Kai to quell the rebellion in southern Jiangxi.

Free Reading Highlights:
At this time, it was Meng Dong, the cold wind was like a knife, the snow was like a sword, and the temperature in the mountains was even lower. A cold wind blew by, and the snow rustles on the pine trees fell down, just hitting the young Ye Bao’s head. Ye Bao was wearing armor, and he drove his horse forward without paying attention.

Ye Bao’s face flushed with cold, and a mouthful of white mist came out of his mouth.

Arriving at Zhiping, Huang Xiangbing received the military order from Wang Yangming and set up camp.

The governor of Southern Jiangxi, Wang Yangming, has given instructions to the army, guards, and township regiments around Qiyun Mountain to block Qiyun Mountain’s exit passes. Therefore, the official force actually participating in this service is more than 100,000.

Wang Yangming and Mei Nan Chunan sit in the tea pavilion and play chess every day.

Ye Jin followed the governor and Army Master Mei, practicing every day, and was annoyed. On this day, he invited Ye Bao to enter the mountain. Ye Jin said to Ye Bao: “From ancient times to the present, people’s origins, this unchangeable innate factor has always restricted the development of many people. Brother, today we must seize the opportunity to make contributions.”

“Maybe a good background can really bring me a good start, but this does not mean that I have to give up without a high starting point.” Ye Bao looked around the mountain, happily, and talked a lot, and said, “Brother, look at the drama. Speaking of, through the ages, how many dandies and playboys have existed. However, children from a poor family can learn from elementary school. Maybe a child born in a poor family has to pay a lot, but it may not be successful, but the poor family should not be a reason for the poor family to refuse to fight. .”

“Yes! What the younger brother said!” Ye Jin replied, “Let’s go to the cottage!”

The two fly horses to Hengshui Village.

The bandit that Lantianfeng fell on the side of the road saw that only two riders entered, so he didn’t stop him because of unknown reasons. As a result, the two teenagers were unimpeded.

The Hengshui Mountain Village was built on a slope. The gate of the village is very strong. The two of them didn’t care, and stopped at a distance of 100 meters from the gate.

The thieves were also too careless. They were surprised at why the two teenagers suddenly arrived and were about to shout. Ye Jin gave Ye Bao a wink. They both bent their bows and set arrows at the same time, shooting upwards, swishing and shooting a few arrows. Three people were injured immediately upstairs.

The roaring of the wounded bandits screamed, and the screams attracted a large number of bandits. The bandits unexpectedly dared to attack like this. They sounded gongs in a hurry and gathered together to gallop. The screams were fierce, and for a while, people were like ants, attached to the village. Above the wall.

The two teenagers leaped their horses and jumped to the gate of the village.

The people upstairs in the village were panicked when they saw it, shouting one by one, shooting arrows down. But the two clung to the wall of the village, and the arrow was raining, so they leaned over, the arrow shot empty, and the people slowly climbed upwards.

There is also a good shooter in the cottage, just watching him stick out his head and shoot down, an arrow hit Ye Jin’s drape, Ye Jin screamed, fell Zhang Xu, and fell down the wall. Ye Jin was anxious in his heart, hurriedly picked up an arrow from the ground, raised his hand and threw it, the arrow cast quickly, whizzing, and the sound of breaking the wind, and it flew towards the village. The archer who bent down and looked down thought that his opponent had been shot by himself, and was waiting to look carefully. There was an arrow shot under the wall, but this arrow was faster and hit his throat. This person yelled and planted from the top of the village.

Seeing his eldest brother landed on the ground, Ye Bao jumped up immediately. Seeing that he was able to do this, he did not speak, bowed his head to pick up the arrow, and threw it when he picked it up. personal. The cry of the thieves when they fell was extremely terrifying, and the people upstairs did not dare to probe anymore.

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