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About Strain

Strain is the contraction of muscles of one or more parts of the body. Which everyone needs to always have in their life such as balance and movement Every time we think or have a certain emotion, it has to be contracted. Movement of one muscle in the body always occurs in tandem. Stress is caused by the stimulus to the adaptation And if unable to adapt, it will cause stress.

  1. The body. About health and illness Both severe and mild can cause stress. Not enough rest, etc.
  2. The psychological such as those with high responsibility. When it comes to stimulating matters, it will easily cause stress. Or a person who is easily anxious Lack of adaptive skills.
  3. On the social side, there are things that provoke a deficiency in adaptation. Lack of people to help If someone gives help, it will reduce the stress. There are too many things to stimulate their own abilities. Family conflicts, etc.

When should you see your doctor? Stress is spontaneous and can be recovered by itself every day. But if stress affects your current lifestyle such as insomnia, eating, not working, headache, body fatigue, etc. Should come to see a doctor for further advice. How do I know if I have stress? Usually, people who experience stress are self-aware, such as irritability, being easily irritated, and prolonged exhaustion. Lack of concentration in work Or have physical symptoms, such as abdominal pain, headache on a regular basis.

How to get rid of stress properly 100% effective stress removal is up to the individual. In case of coming to see a doctor The doctor will recommend a relaxation method. Taking deep breaths can help reduce stress.

How to eliminate stress that occurs from three reasons:

  1. The physical is the elimination of causes such as physical health problems.
  2. The psychological is the adjustment of our own mental state. Known to adapt to the problem Accept the things that cannot be solved.
  3. The environment is that if there are too many workloads that cannot be accepted. Should work less Know how to set aside time for work and time for yourself.

Stages of treatment
The first step, like a general physical exam, is asking the history of the disease and the onset of the illness. Then a psychiatrist will assess the treatment and analyze the cause of stress. What caused the cause If caused by the environment The doctor will suggest a method for adjustment. Unless the stress is caused by a psychiatric disorder such as depression, some sexually transmitted diseases, they must be treated with drugs.

Drug used for treatment Antidepressants are drugs that affect the brain. Helps the work of the brain in the areas that control stress work better. And promotes sleep Help reduce anxiety For people with chronic headache An anti-stress drug can be used to help loosen the muscles in the area of ​​pain.

Therefore, anti-stress drugs have both short-term and long-term effects on the body. For those who go to see a psychiatrist Your doctor will give you the medicine once a day. Or many different times a day Which taking anti-stress medication should be under the guidance of a doctor You should not buy medicine yourself. Which will cause chronic effects In most cases, if it’s a general strain, your doctor will not recommend medication. The medication will be used when needed. Or for a short period of time, about 2-3 months, or only in times of anxiety. In most cases, your doctor will advise you on relaxation techniques. Teach you how to relax your muscles. Practice in adaptation And solving specific problems rather than oral medication.

Effects of using anti-stress medication Because anti-stress medication is a drug Which, if eaten for a long time consecutively, will cause effects on the body such as the effect of drugs causing addiction Causing an increased need to take the drug Or will cause abnormalities when not taking the medicine How to relieve stress Should exercise regularly and regularly. Find a hobby For those who have a lot of routine work Should give yourself some time Time it appropriately Find a mentor or friend to hear or help decide on a specific area. Including accepting the changes that have occurred, etc. How to relieve stress In psychology, stress is a good thing.

Helps us to stay awake Have self protection And constantly improving myself If we don’t have stress at all, it will not cause change for good. But if it does not cause stress, it is impossible. Therefore should set aside time Make time for yourself Exercise regularly Or may use religious methods to help by meditating.

Anxiety in seeing a psychiatrist For those with psychiatric problems, it should be thought that Coming to see a doctor is like looking for a consultant. With good listeners and help solve problems Because coming to see a psychiatrist doesn’t have to be sick or have a disease. Therefore you should not worry Which most people who have come to consult a doctor Will receive advice on how to behave in the correct way Thus helping to reduce the stress that occurs All of us are stressed, and we go through stressful situations at regular intervals. The most important thing is to find the right way to manage stress.

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