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The Arc of Life (2021) 她們創業的那些鳥事

The Arc of Life (2021)
Other Title: 她們創業的那些鳥事, The Business They Started , Alpha Girlz , Ta Men Chuang Ye De Na Xie Niao Shi , The Arc of Lifer, The Birds of Their Entrepreneurship

Genres: Business, Life, Drama
Hsu Chao Jen, Fung Kai
Lu Shih Yuan
GTV, iQiyi, iQiyi
Release Date: 
Jan 31, 2021 – May 2, 2021
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  • Ruby Lin as Gong Ye Xiao Niao
  • Ivy Chen as Xia Zhi
  • Man Shu Jian as Lin Mei Ji
  • Roy Chiu as Zheng Yi Nan
  • Chris Wang as Yu Long Jie
  • J.C. Lin as Ling Chuan Xiang
  • Chen Yihan / Qiu Ze / Jian Manshu / Li Liqun / Lan Xinmei / Wang Yousheng / Lin Zhexi / Ke Youlun / Huang Pihui / Li Yuanyuan / Zhang Han / Guo Jindong / Ma Guoxian / Gao Jie / Ha Xiaoyuan / An Yiqiao / Li Guochao / Zhang Yaoren /Zheng Renshuo/Qiu Zhiyu/Chen Jiakui/Li Xing/Liang Jiarong/Tuo Zonghua/Xiongqin/Luo Shifeng/Yan Yiwen/Tao Jingying/Wu Jianhe/Yin Zhaode/Liao Huizhen/Ma Guobi

Three women with completely different personalities met together to start a business due to unexpected circumstances. On this unfavorable road to entrepreneurship, they will eventually learn to laugh at the setbacks, not admit defeat, but grow!

“The Birds of Their Startup” mainly describes three girls of different ages and different personalities who get together by fate In the story of entrepreneurship, three people have gone through misunderstandings and disputes to complement each other. They support each other on the path of entrepreneurship and overcome various challenges.

In order to help her father Rong Jingfeng’s relief of the world, Rong Wei ran around to help him find the lost healing magical device “Chihua Zhu”. Unexpectedly, the world was dangerous, and she was helped by a man named Nalanyue who was in trouble for several times. As everyone knows, Nalanyue and Ronghua, as young masters of Lingxuge Pavilion, have inextricably linked family hatred, but the two who fell in love at first sight decided to abandon the family feud and use their sincerity to influence the grievances of the previous generation.

Unexpectedly, Rong Jingfeng was a hypocrite who wanted to harm the Nalan clan again for his own desires. At the same time, Nalanyue was forced to teach magic skills by the master of Mingjiao Mohuan, and almost went crazy, but Ronghua firmly believed that Nalanyue still had good intentions, so he silently guarded it until he regained his original intention. At that moment, people secretly promised, fighting side by side, not only eradicating Mingjiao, but also proclaiming Rong Jingfeng’s crimes to the world. Since then, Rongwei and Nalanyue have joined forces to fight the enemy and bring peace to the world.

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