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Don’t Want to Disturb My Study

Don’t Want to Disturb My Study (Novel)
Other Name: 别想打扰我学习

Genre: novel, romance, campus
Author: Moon Streamer
Year: 2020
Chapter: 52
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The mainly revolves around the story between the protagonist Lin Xiaoran and Nan Xiangwan. The content is introduced: Nan Xiang She graduated from Guanghua University late. In her heart, Guanghua University is the best school, and all schools are not worth mentioning in front of it. Since graduating from university, Nan Xiangwan has worked for a well-known company. She is very satisfied with her current life. After waking up, she returned to the high school period, and she turned into a scumbag who was once a schoolmaster. This huge identity gap made Nan Xiangwan really unacceptable.

Free Reading Highlights:
Nan Xiangwan is brushing the eggplant with sauce, as if he is concentrating on a math problem, “Because you have a thick skin.”

“Hahaha…” Everyone burst into laughter, and even Jiang Darling, who was always smiling, also burst out laughing, covering his mouth with his hands in a hurry.

I knew it would be like this.

Lin Xiaoran pretended to be angry, but the corners of her lips rose, and her eyes were as soft as clouds.

After brushing the eggplant with sauce, Nan Xiangwan picked up the fried skewers and took a bite. The moisture of the eggplant itself mixed with the sweet and spicy sauce was exploded in the mouth, with scorching heat, but it made people unable to relax.

The ability to get the support of classmates is the first step and the most critical step for the success of the activity. Those who speak on stage must have charisma and affinity. This is not something you can do with good grades. On the contrary, people with good grades may be more aggressive and are not easily recognized by others.

Lin Xiaoran is very popular, which Nan Xiangwan cannot deny, and she also cannot envy her.

The publicity work outside the class is divided into two parts, one is online, everyone publishes news on various social media, and the other is offline. Zhang Chaoqian printed some flyers and distributed them to everyone.

The wording on the flyer was proposed by Nan Xiangwan. The content is very simple. It is a very inspiring sentence without beginning and ending-it’s you, Wednesday, together!

Nan Xiangwan said that when he sees such a leaflet, those who understand will naturally understand, and those who do not understand will ask others under the drive of curiosity, and the process of inquiry is also a process of dissemination.

“Wonderful!” Lin Xiaoran praised.

Nan Xiangwan couldn’t help but give him a blank look, but he was very satisfied.

The new week is coming soon. During the big break on Monday afternoon, Lin Xiaoran halted the break-time activities and went on stage to announce the plan. Everyone was quite critical of the price increase in the cafeteria, but they had to be slaughtered like fish on a knife board. Now that someone is willing to stand up, everyone naturally responds positively.

At the end of the preaching, Zhang Chao and Lin Xiaoran took out the cardboard box with the printed flyers inside. Lin Xiaoran took out a pile and gave it to Li Shuai, and then took out another pile and gave it to Jiang Darling. The next time it was supposed to be southward night, his hand that took advantage of the situation suddenly stopped in the air, seeming to hesitate.

Nan Xiangwan took the flyer without a second word. She not only took her own copy, but also took the one from Jiang Darling, “I’ll be fine. You, I have to go back to the dormitory to send it out at night, and now finish my homework quickly. “Jiang Darling is boarding at the school. In order to ensure that there are no fish slipping through the net, Lin Xiaoran asked her to make another round of publicity in the dormitory after she returned to the dormitory.

“Huh?” Seeing the war is about to ignite, who still has the mind to do homework. Besides, the so-called homework is the exercises in the workbook, and the teacher does not read it, but Nan Xiangwan always treats these as serious homework. Just as she was about to say something, Nan Xiangwan continued to warn: “Quickly write, I will come back to check.”

“I see.” Jiang Darling reluctantly agreed and watched the others leave.

Nan Xiang Wan strode out of the classroom and Lin Xiaoran caught up with the flyer, “This is really weird, you don’t need to study?” Others sleep, chat, play games, and eat snacks in the big break. Only Nan Xiang Wan immersed himself in studying. Feeling that Li Shuai was singing too loudly, he slapped the table and berated him to shut up. Li Shuai was so angry that he yelled, “Why don’t you stop Lin Xiaoran while singing?”

It is very rare for her to help out, and I can’t imagine that she would put down her homework and run out to hand out flyers.

Nan Xiangwan raised her eyes to look at him, and asked, “You don’t think that you can surpass me if I study for a while, right? Dreaming!” She snorted to Lin Xiaoran and went downstairs with the flyer.

“You! What attitude!” Lin Xiao was anxious. He swears that there is absolutely no irony in what he said just now. It is really just surprise and doubt. Does she need to talk to him like this?

He catches up a few steps and stops at the top of the stairs, with long hair in the south at night, usually tied into a ponytail behind his head, and flicks as he walks, like hers, weak and full of strength.

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