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Heavenly Warrior

Heavenly Warrior (Novel)
Other Name: 天降神兵, Heavenly God Soldier

Genre: novel, science fiction
Author: Ji Shui
Year: 2021
Chapter: N/A
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When Good Wars performs the task again, he faintly feels very uneasy in his heart. The stronger he came, and later he realized that this was not a mission at all, but an assassination specifically aimed at him. He was used by others, but he lost his memory and came to a stranger. In the place, he became a blank person, knowing that one day, he recovered his memory. At this time, he awakened the chip in his body and was about to start a revenge plan…

Free Reading Highlights:
Soon I heard four girls chattering and laughing in the bedroom again. This feeling really makes Shanzhan feel at home for a while, but it’s not right to think about it. Strictly speaking, there is only one family member of his own. Those are just their own confidantes.

Xia Ruochu and Yu Shengnan couldn’t believe their ears.

, And at this moment Xuelang shouted: “It’s broken, I’ve got Xiao Hei into the cart!”

After finishing talking, he ran downstairs in a hurry, and as expected, he watched Bai Xiaohei rushing up and down in the car, flapping the window with his wings, and even looking at her with that kind of complaining eyes.

It turned out that when they got out of the car, Bai Xiaohei fell asleep on the back, and when they woke up, they were locked inside, even if it had claws.

Not open. “Sorry, sorry, Xiao Hei, it’s all our fault!”

An angry Bai Xiaohei hovered over her head with wings flashing to show his dissatisfaction. The snow wolf accompanies the smiling face to let it fall on his shoulder, and takes it back home.

Xia Ruochu and Yu Shengnan looked at this cute bird and couldn’t imagine its mighty power. But it didn’t recognize birth, and soon became acquainted with them.

Soon after, Su Wenmin and Wen Xiaoran also came back. Su Wenmin seemed very calm. Chong Shanzhan smiled and said, “Shanzhan, you are back!”, while Wen Xiaoran jumped up and down like Bai Xiaohei. Looking up and down the good fight.

“Xiao Ran, why do you look at me like that?” Shanzhan asked with some puzzlement.

“Xue Bing, why do I think you are a little different?”

“Really, you found out about this. Do you feel that I am more handsome and handsome.” Shan Zhan said with a smile, “That’s not true, but I just think you have an indescribable aura, more manly!”

Shan Zhan said smoothly: “No matter how man, he is already someone else’s man, Xiao Ran, you have to die as soon as possible!”

“It’s so stinky, you’re the same as Sister Jing in the whole world, do you think you will fall in love with you, stop being narcissistic!”

People were all here, so naturally we had a reunion dinner first. Everyone was talking and laughing at the dinner table, listening to Xia Ruojing and Xuelang talking about their thrilling experiences these days, and the boring good fight actually took it. Chopsticks dipped in white wine and drank for Bai Xiaohei.

After a few drops of baijiu unexpectedly, Bai Xiaohei was drunk with a plop. “Insane, good at war, are you a drunkard like you when you are Xiao Hei!” Xia Ruojing angrily asked strangely.

Wen Xiaoran asked somewhat puzzledly: “Sister Jing, you call him that way, then we can’t call him Xue Bing anymore!”

“Originally, he has at least remembered his childhood memories, so in the future you should not call him Xue Bing anymore!” Xia Ruojing explained.

But Shan Zhan smiled and shook his head and said, “It’s just the name, as long as you like to call it, but the only one is that you can’t call it

Got. “

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